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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Nashville Review"

"The songs are very good and the vocal talent is excellent! We like the original approach the group has to arrangements,vocal stylings and musical delivery."

-Neal James
Premier Nashville Producer

"British Review"

I'm somewhat a rock fan, so hearing your awesome riffs pound from the speakers I felt that same surge of energy that somehow doesn't appear when being forced to listen to Atomic Kitten or whoever else is destroying a Diana Ross cover. The powerful percussion and tight, forceful rhythm complements the destructive Bon Jovi-esq vocals that shake the "I Love Ozzy" mug off my desk. Very Aerosmith meets Whitesnake, with some slithering Sambora licks in the solo. It also reminds me somewhat of the superhuman Guns N' Roses Illusion II era. Very very good!
"I really think you have the potential to get a good response from our A&R Agency contacts in the music industry. I also think the listeners on our Radio station would really like your tracks, as they do have a Radio-friendly appeal.

"Many thanks for making my day,

A&R Manager - Will Sherman"

Matchbox Recordings LTD
Matchbox Radio 24
UK Discs and
Face Value Records - Matchbox Recordings LTD

"ISOUND Review"

Just Wanted to let you know that we have selected your band to be featured in our
Sound Choice section on our home page for the next 12 days!
We select from our Loud Artists first based on the quality of your music.

So basically what we are saying is that we think your music kicks ass!
Keep up the great work!

Live Life Loud,
Content Manager
http://www.isound.com/ - Max-Content Manager

"Emergenza Review"

"This band was extremely tight and played radio-friendly tunes that left everyone wanting more. They were one of the most professional and efficient bands of the evening. Stay tuned to their website…I foresee great things coming your way from HOLLYWOOD!

Southeast US representative of
EMERGENZA-2006 - EMERGENA International

"HOLLYWOOD Overseas Impressions"

The CD kicks off with "Too Late Train", which is a great piece with a cool groove and drive behind it. If you remember the band Rattlebone at all, this reminds me of them. They basically took a Deep Purple idea and groove and updated it brilliantly, and this "Too Late" is not far from that.

"All Night" sounds a bit typical 80's hairband, but with a nice chorus. "Blvd. Of Dreams" has been driving me crazy as to who it reminds me of. Well, it just hit me. This could have been a Foxy Roxx tune. Dead on Foxy, and that is a compliment my friends! "Every Word I Never Said" I really can't comment on. I don't like ballads of this sort. This one you'll have to judge for yourself…sorry. If you love ballads though, you might want to play this one at your high school prom. (Think Poison style ballad though.) "Shot Down In Love" is pure sleaze with a guitar tone and vocal style that makes me think of Ratt off the first EP, with some of Out Of The Cellar. "Get Off", "King Of The Mountain", "Fools Paradise" (very Foxy again) and "I Got The Girl" all range from strong to very strong rock numbers of Sleaze with some of that LA style. If that's the stuff you enjoy, you really should be ordering this CD. Musicianship is high caliber, and the vocals are damn strong!!! Think a mix of Vince Neil, Brett Michaels and some Sebastian Bach.

This will be landing in my rotation and will be getting played often, and I normally can't stand this style! So again, I stress, do yourself a favor and check them out!!! - GLITZINE Magazine-Carl Isonhart


Self titled-self released "HOLLYWOOD"
Most tracks are available at cdbaby.com for listening. Also visit www.myspace.com/hotwood for listing of digital sites!


Feeling a bit camera shy


With a purpose in mind, Aubrey Rucker (drums/backing vocals) joined up with friend and ex-Warhead bandmate Lex Scott (vocals/guitar) to start the madness. The two of them in turn decided to call on Ty Allen (bass guitar) to anchor the rhythm section of the band. Ty is also an ex-member of Warhead. Needless to say, the three are working really well together again...
With the rhythm section complete, the guys set out to find a lead guitarist who shared in their vision. Enter Bill Rivers (lead guitar/backing vocals). When the call came, he was more than willing to answer! Paying his dues with various club acts, Bill was eager to find guys that were looking past the "town tour" scene...and he found what he was looking for!
The guys have a lot of experience under their belts, as they have all done shows with national recording acts such as Foghat, Hootie and the Blowfish, Blackfoot, Molly Hatchet, and the like.
As accomplished musicians,they have come together to form HOLLYWOOD and these four guys deliver the goods with power and energy. Not your modern day "three chord, no feel" type of group, HOLLYWOOD harks back to the day when rock meant "letting the music do the talking"....and talk it does! From hard rocking songs to melodic ballads they do it all and do it well.