Hollywood Black

Hollywood Black


Hollywood Black: A three piece rock/punk band with very driving and thought-provoking music. Our songs have very bold, descriptive messages about life and our beliefs. Our live shows are always packed with energy from both us and the audience.


With just the right balance of confrontational punk-rock and soul-stirring poetics, Hollywood Black uses their music as a platform to lament society’s misplaced priorities and get the listeners of today’s popular music to do something they have not done in a while, think. With raw honesty and a refreshing lack of pretense, Hollywood Black focuses the magnifying lens on such subjects as the corrupting power of money, personal revolution, and man’s relationship to God.

Hollywood Black has currently signed with the Houston, TX based label, Mia Kat Empire.

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Two Thousand Years of Progress

Written By: Ben Ellis

I walk at night so no one can see, Just how close to the edge that I like to be, Faking guilt, faking conviction, It gets so easy when you’ve done it for so long, I’ll shed some tears and I’ll raise my hands, A simple trick I’ve learned from going to a church where no one loves you

Two thousand years and we’ve come so far, We’ve solved the great equation just by mastering the system, As we proclaim the name of God, In our hearts we are still prostitutes and whores, Wicked retched faking righteous, We press on with our whole hearts to find a middle ground between us and our God

I can’t help remembering those days, When I use to say I love you, Now I only call upon your grace when I need you, I have fallen very far

Wake up it’s time to set things right, Wake up it’s time to start the fight, We will start living again, We will accept that we are selfish, We will accept that we are weak, We will accept that we’re not everything that we’re suppose to be

Almighty Dollar

Written By: Ben Ellis

Searching for a cure that cannot be seen with human eyes, I’m searching for an answer that can’t be touched by the hands of man, I’m searching for a reason that I can’t kick this ball and chain, I’m searching for a person, or place, or something else to blame besides myself

Because we were never meant to live like this, Prostituting talent, selling out ideas, American almighty dollar gets its hands around your neck, Today it’s happiness, tomorrow it brings death

It feels so good to have everything that you want, At your fingertips at any time you wish, But what happens when there’s nothing left to want, Your heart will go on bleeding and there’s nothing you can do to stop it

Search down deep inside your heart, Find out what you really want, You’ll find the things of this world burning down around your feet, After everything is done, After everything is gone, Will you ever think you’re wrong, will you ever

Deeds and Idolatries

Written By: Ben Ellis

Late last night I had a dream, That I was all that I’m suppose to be, I got all my checks, I finished my list, I was the best, In the eyes of man I was faultless

I built great buildings for your fame, Architect so pretty, the best money can buy, I fed the orphans in your name, But then the end came and none of that crap mattered

He said that all he ever wanted was to know me, But I wasted all of my time thinking I was better than everyone else, And then he said depart from me

Hold on I don’t get the question, Don’t we earn treasure in Heaven, Child you never looked, you never stopped to listen, Those who live by the law, die by the law

The Prodigal

Written By: Ben Ellis

Hello dad, I know it’s late, But there was something on my mind, Something I think that you should know, So I will try to be brief, I know how much you need your sleep, Besides they say this will be quick and painless

I know that there have been some times, That you must have thought I hate you, But know right now that this has never been the case, You’re the husband, dad, the man, I always wanted to become, But now it looks like that will never happen

Hold on son, What’s going on, Something seems so very wrong, Do I hear screaming in the background, My God wait, Your plane is late, Son don’t say it, son don’t say it, I’m sorry dad, I’m never coming home to you again

I’m sorry dad, I love you, And I will see you someday soon


Two Thousand Years of Progress (February 2007)
The Lighter Side (2005)
3 song EP (2004)

Set List

We play all original material. Our sets are usually 30 - 45 mintues long. We play around 6 - 10 songs per show depending on how long of a set we have. We have enough material to last us around two hours.