Hollywood Harlot

Hollywood Harlot


Hollywood Harlot is a hard hitting sleaze rock/glam band from Tulsa Oklahoma. Our music is influenced from hair bands from the 80's with a modern twist added.We feature a larger than life stage show including killer guitar riffs, driving bass lines, scorching vocals, and of course plenty of Aquanet.


Prepare yourself to be smacked between the ears by a wall of sound generated by a musical quintet called Hollywood Harlot. Combining unique songwriting, crunching guitars, heart pounding rhythm section and in general high caliber musicianship, Hollywood Harlot is the hottest new band on the scene. Formed in 2005 by high school classmates, the group shared the same interest of music. Unlike most of your younger generation today, their influences ranged from Motley Crue, Poison, and Ratt to all the other killer groups of the 80’s. Equal parts of hair metal, glam metal and sleaze rock set the standard for this group’s high energy style. From big hair to make-up, these bad boys know how to rock the house. See for yourself one of the most dynamic rock bands to come out of Tulsa’s rock scene.


Hollywood Harlot - EP

1) Hollywood

2) Rock & Roll Gypsy Queen

3) My World Turns White

4) Under Her Gun

5) What Was Her Name ?

Set List

Hollywood Harlot set list contains all original material.

1) Cold Blood

2) Rattlesnake Ride

3) Hollywood

4) Love Em' N' Leave Em'

5) Blow Me Away

6) Sin After Gin

7) Under Her Gun

8) Red Hot Sticky Rock

9) Rock & Roll Gypsy Queen

10) It Happens

11) Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing

12) My World Turns White

13) Half Way Home

14) On The Floor

15) What Was Her Name

16) Starved