Hollywood Heartthrob

Hollywood Heartthrob


Hollywood Heartthrob is a unique blend of todays pop/rock with blazing guitars and the glitz and glamour of 80's metal.


Hollywood Heartthrob has been on a roll in 2009. After landing HUGE shows with top level talent such as Fall Out Boy, Tokio Hotel, Blink 182, and Unwritten Law they embarked on a Nation Wide tour with Rookie of the Year and Monty Are I.

Consistently, HH has been able to bring the crowd in with strong support from the social networking websites and grassroots network of fans. Their larger than life persona has been grasped by the youth across america and beyond.

The Band knows their demographic and targets it well. Hollywood Heartthrob maintains a strong draw with people ages 13 to 24 with a stronger draw in the female catagory.

See what the critics have had to say:

“.. dueling guitar solos shine with melodic dexterity..”

“..a bit of a metal edge in their style, but also brings classic rock touches to the table.”

“After Hollywood Heartthrob's set at Celebrity Theatre, the backstage area bears all the trappings of a Mötley Crüe tour bus. Empty cases of beer are strewn across the counters, guitars rest precariously on the arms of black leather couches, and scantily clad girls line up by the band's dressing room door.

The air is thick with hairspray.
A few giggly girls in tight dresses crane their necks around the crowd to try and get a peek inside the dressing room. "They're in there," a girl popping out of a faux leopard-skin dress whispers excitedly.

"What should we do?" asks a girl in a napkin-size silver top. "I want to say hi, but I don't want to, like, crowd them."

The crowding of the band is inevitable at this point.”


Hollywood Heartthrob - The Take Over (2009)

Set List

Sets have been topping out around 30 minutes with all original songs.