Hollywood Swank

Hollywood Swank


Hard, fast, and with attitude to spare. Combining the soulful riffs of Jimmy Hendrix with the style and energy of 70's and 80's punk. The kind of music that you can throw a party to.


2 years, 3 drummers, 2 bassists, 3 landlords, 30 angry neighbours, 8 dealers, many women, thousands of bottles, even more std's, and lots of thirsy crowds. Hollywood Swank is a fast living, hard partying punk rock band from in and around Toronto Ontario Canada. Formed in 2005 while jamming in college, the band has progressed far beyond the immature sound of college roomates playing music in a dorm room in just a short while.

Toronto's Andy Selke, the lead guitarist of the group has an uncanny ability to merge blusey melodies with the raw energy of punk rock riffs, creating a sound that is unique to punk rock. Counterpointing that, the raspy vocals and thick, chunky rhythm guitar of frontman Don Culig are clearly inspired by the likes of The Ramones, Black Flag and Cheap Sex.

Ajax native Chris Dickey plays a hard-hitting, no holds barred yet suprisingly technical style of drums that crosses pounding, metal-influenced fills and blistering fast punk beats with a little classic rock style thrown in for flavour. Completing the rhythm section with his raw basslines, Eric Buehner's grimy, pulsing style is the driving force that completes this cocky, openly shameless quartet. Add all of this together, and you get something that falls in between punk, hard rock, metal, and something you cant quite put your finger on.

The band has had many successes in their short career, and played with a number of high profile bands (DOA, The 3Tards, The Vapids) and have even managed to put out their debut, 5 song EP, Money, Sex and Lies. This EP was totally self-financed, self-designed, and self-promoted by the band on their own label (Wasted Breath Records), indicative of their do-it-yourself, no excuses attitude when it comes to their music.

Lift up your shirts and drop your pants, Hollywood Swank is here!


Money, Sex & Lies EP - 2007

Set List

Open Autopsy
Hollywood Swank

Apartment Party
She Tastes Like Cigarettes

Blackout Girls
Hit The Town

Friday Night Vacation
Waste My Life

Various Punk Covers (Screeching Weasel, Johnny Thunders, Bad Religion, et cetera)