Hollywood Tramp

Hollywood Tramp

 London, England, GBR

Hollywood Tramp, 4 young musicians with a desire to create music that takes the familiar, and through musical alchemy, turn it into something new... A desire to entertain and captivate... A desire to be remembered!


Hollywood Tramp biography

Hello and welcome to Hollywood Tramp.

Hollywood Tramp are 4 young musicians with a desire to create a brand of song that takes the familiar, and through musical alchemy, turn it into something new........

A desire to entertain and captivate through their eclectic sound........

A desire to be remembered long after the music has stopped........

Close friends, the band have come together over a course of ten years through a love for music and through mutual friends and have been together in their present form since August 2009, although having all played in a five-piece band together for eighteen months prior to that.

The band constantly tries to create songs that excite themselves, crossing many different genres in the process, but never to the detriment of the quality of the music. Hollywood Tramp draw influence’s from all spheres of music and that is reflected in the playing style of each member.

However, the band pride themselves on their very own breed of anthemic pop/funk/rock, which they affectionately refer to as Spaceship Funk. Hope you like it!

Hollywood Tramp line-up:

On lead vocals, rhythm guitar and piano/keyboards we have Mr Sean Colley. Sean is the front-man and founder member of the band. The chief songwriter, Sean’s primary influences are The Beatles, Queen and George Michael. His date of birth is: 28/12/1983.

Up next we have Mr Philip Swan, lead guitarist and backing vocalist. Phil is a wonderful excursion from the typical big-ego lead guitarist. Akin to Amadeus Mozart, Phil’s first gig was at the age of seven! He counts among his influences, The Beatles(don’t we all?), The Who, John Mayer and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. BEWARE! His quiet and thoughtful disposition can lead to flashes of genius! Phil’s date of birth is: 15/11/1987.

Mr Steven Dent or Stevie D as the boys know him is Hollywood Tramp’s bass player extraordinaire. Steve often occupies a place next to Phil on backing vocals and is quite adept on the Cello too! (ooh!) Steve cites those who have had a meaningful influence on him as: Rancid, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Level 42. Steven Dent was given to the world on: 18/8/1986

And at the back, holding the whole operation together is Drummer/percussionist, Mr Rowan Cox. Rowan’s drumming style has been forged by a heavy dose of Hip-Hop and music of black origin which he wields to great effect in the band. Rowan picked up his first pair of drumsticks aged 9, and hasn’t looked back since. His influences range from bands such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Incubus through to drumming virtuoso’s of the ilk of Dave Weckl and Tony Royster Jr. Rowan was born on: 15/4/1986.

The London, England based band has played some of the most important venues. Here is a sampling of gigs the band has played in the last two years:

Downstairs at The Garage (Islington)
The Underworld (Camden)
The Purple Turtle (Camden)
02 Academy (Islington)
The 100 Club (Oxford St.)
The Metro Club (Oxford St.)
Half Moon (Putney)
Tommy Flynns (Camden)
The Amershm Arms (New Cross)
Dirty South (Lewisham)
Sound (Leicester Square)
Guilfest (Guildford)
The Bull and Gate (Kentish Town)
The Caernarvon Castle (Camden)
Ocean (Hackney)
The Barfly (Camden)
The Borderline (Soho)


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