Holman Autry Band

Holman Autry Band


Whatever you're looking for, these guys have got it. Southern Rock, Rock, Folk, Acoustic, Country, you name it. If you want it they can deliver it. Live performance is a must see. The energy is electrifying and the showmanship is astounding!


The Holman Autry Band is comprised of members from Madison County, Georgia (near Athens, GA) that have been playing together to create the original Holman Autry Band sound and style. Holman Autry Band - a little bit of Hank, a little bit Metallica, and a healthy dose of "Southern Rock" and "Classic Rock" - that is all a part of the Holman Autry Band sound. If you like Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, and Gov’t Mule, you are sure to love the Holman Autry Band. They have been friends now for many years. The lead guitarist is 20 and the oldest band member is 26, as of January 2008. Whether you call their style Southern Rock or Country (some call it “Black Label Country”) they’ve got what it takes. Their favorite pastime is performing live on stage. They practice a lot and tend to spend a lot of time together just hanging out. The members of the Holman Autry Band, with a touch of background, on each follows:

is the lead guitarist with the Band. He solos with the best of them and continues to amaze everyone. He creates new music and lyrics as well. His lead guitar lines are original and his style is unique. You’ll see Brodye perform with his Les Paul sidekick. He has been playing guitar for about 4 1/2 years now, and can hang with the best of them.

(alias Lucky) is rhythm guitarist and a vocalist with the Band. He’s found his own with the band and writes music and lyrics as well. Josh adds a vocal magic all his own to the Band as you will hear. You’ll see him playing his Martin and loving every minute of it. He has been playing guitar now for just over 11 years and it shows.

is the bass player and a vocalist with the Band. He brings lots of versatility to the band. He has been singing I guess all his life now. His harmonica adds a lot of feeling to their songs. He writes lyrics to a lot of the songs. He also brings a lot of life and energy to the band both at practice and on stage.

is rhythm guitarist and also a vocalist with the Band. He brings endless energy to the stage. Just watch him perform on stage sometime. You will see what I mean. He has been playing music for over 11 years now, many of those years with Josh Walker, above mentioned. His guitar of choice is the Fender Telecaster.

is the drummer with the Band. His favorite thing is playing the drums. He can drum to anything…and usually does. He and Brodye Brooks, above mentioned, have played music together for about 3 ½ years. So, naturally, they can come up with some magic from musical experiences together.

This group is unique to the music scene and has paid their dues performing in and around the Athens area. They started out performing in small venues in Downtown Athens and soon outgrew the smaller venues. They perform regularly in Jefferson @ Mike' DownUnder, in Clayton @ Main Street Station. They play The Country Club in Augusta, GA and many more venues as well. They also play in the World Famous Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA regularly now. The Georgia Theatre is an atmosphere where everyone has a blast while also being the place where huge icons in the music industry, such as The Police, R.E.M., and so many more have taken the stage. June 2007 they had a SELL OUT crowd at Athens own Georgia Theatre with their CD release party. They headlined again at The Georgia Theatre on August 3rd, and it also was a SELL OUT crowd. They will be back in The Georgia Theatre in the future. They were invited and performed at The 40 Watt Club in Athens, GA, where such music legends as Greg Allman and Warren Haynes have played. Beginning in September of 2007, 106.1 WNGC out of Athens, GA has been playing some of their music on the radio, as by popular request. In November of 2007, their music began being heard on FM radio in Europe. They enjoy playing venues all around Georgia and hope to be branching out into other states in the near future. Their first CD self entitled "Holman Autry Band" was released April 2007. It consists of 13 tracks of Holman Autry Band music. Some of the songs rock hard, others tell a story while some make you want to sing along. Whatever style of music you are looking for; the Holman Autry Band has something for everyone.

If you're looking for a fresh approach to Southern Rock, or some call it Black Label Country, come take a ride on the “Whiskey Wagon”, it's a promise they will keep you entertained for more than “A Night or Two”...”Press On”!!!!! Join us as often as you can at the live shows. With great friends and fans like you, all their musical dreams will come true.


All Songs

Written By: Holman Autry Band

We are very proud to say that we, the Holman Autry Band, are the writers of all our music and lyrics.


Self-Titled Holman Autry Band CD-13 tracks.
visit www.holmanautryband.com for a preview of these songs.

For booking info contact:
Don Brooks, Manager-Ph-706-795-2255 or

Set List

Set lists are a blend of original songs and cover songs for your listening enjoyment. Below is a sample list of some songs performed.

Holman Autry Band “Original” Songs:

Good At Lovin' You ©2007 ASCAP
St. Andrews Cross ©2007 ASCAP
Dark Haired Woman ©2007 ASCAP
Whiskey Wagon ©2007 ASCAP
Wildest Dreams ©2007 ASCAP
Fruition ©2007 ASCAP
Glory Days ©2007 ASCAP
A Night Or Two ©2007 ASCAP
Press On ©2007 ASCAP
Summer Day ©2007 ASCAP
This One’s For You ©2007 ASCAP
Callin' You Out ©2007 ASCAP
By Any Other Name ©2007 ASCAP
Watch You Go ©Pending
New Breed Of Woman ©Pending
Chewing Bullets ©Pending
Long Nights ©Pending
Still Loud, Still Proud ©Pending
State Of Peace ©Pending
WGAF ©Pending
I Ain’t Bitter ©Pending
Gypsy ©Pending
Everyday Of This Life ©Pending
The Drifter’s Prayer ©Pending
Wear It Like A Woman ©Pending

Holman Autry Band “Cover” Songs:

The Ride by: David Alan Coe
Folsom Prison by: Johnny Cash
Meet In The Middle by: Diamond Rio
Seminole Wind b