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"Holmes Album Absolutely Brilliant"

A couple of months ago, Holmes released his debut EP Holmes and it hinted at how great this guy was. Now, with the release of his album Stop Go Holmes lives up to the potential he hinted at and delivers on heck of an album.

Stop Go is a corker. It's a non-stop thrill ride of power-pop riffage and Britpop soul. Once again busy guy extroidinaire and Holmes himself, Roy Shakked, plays 90% of the instruments himself and still somehow manages not to kill himself writing great pop. He does occasionally use his usual lineup of super cool, legendary, and brilliant stuido folk back him up when he can't play the trombone, guitar, and accordion at the same time. But for the most part this is the demented effort of one guy on a mission to make incredible pop music.

And truth be told, he succeeds with flying colors. Stop Go is like Elvis Costello, Duffy, Jamiroquai, Ben Folds and Abbey Road Studios rolled up into one giant pop amalgamation. Roy has a knack for creating kaleidoscopic boisterous fetching pop. Stop Go is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get but you know darn well its going to be sweet and oh so good.

From the Beatle-esque and sweeping strings of "Nevermind" to the foot stomping "Wake Up," Stop Go is a juggernaut of great songs. This is a record in touch with its past and in love with the future. It knows its rooted in the classic sounds of 60's pop, but wants to be modern as well. It's unashamed love of all things pop is clear on every song and that's what helps make Stop Go so irrisistable.

Stop Go is fun. Pure fun. It's a joy to listen to and so hard to put down. Roy Shakked is a brilliant songwriter and his pop sensibility is second to none. Holmes is something beyond cool and Stop Go is just about essential. Holmes is the shape of things to come and that folks is a very good thing!
- by Paul Zimmerman, First Coast News

"Very Highly Recommended!!"

A helluva 5 song EP debut. Reminds us of 2006 stand-out, Chris Brown, some Michael Penn 'n Ben Folds, maybe, but it's just outstanding piano driven pure pop with some great arrangements.

Thick with sharp percussive rhythms, tinkling piano, great arrangements and, of course, hooks and unforgettable grit... So who is Holmes? He be singer/Songwriter/Producer Roy Shakked... Roy spent the summer of 2006 bringing to fruition a long overdue project. This is the fruit and it bodes well for great things in this future and your ears now. Very Highly Recommended!! - Not Lame Recordings

"punchy Rock and tuneful Power Pop"

"Singer/Songwriter/Producer Roy Shakked is Holmes and his latest release Stop Go is a refreshing cross-section of musical genres. Holmes serves up punchy Rock, tuneful Power Pop and even smooth R&B with the help of top-notch musicians the likes of Lyle Workman and Brett Simons. It doesn't get much more fun than the title track, which delivers exactly what it's title promises. The whistle-along melodic treat that is "Another Week" recalls other tune-masters like Bleu and The Argument. "Five Days A Week" is a smooth Power Pop ride right out of the Joe Jackson songbook. You've probably heard Holmes already as his music has been featured on many television shows and album compilations. Chances are you'll be hearing a lot more of him everywhere else very soon." - Whitsbrain.com

"Seek this music out and your soul will be shaked and baked"

"Sometimes you cannot dine on a single entree and crave a smorgasboard. In the same way you can listen to your power pop and want a variety of styles and influences. Holmes (aka Roy Shakked) has a feast here sure to please power pop fans (Okay, enough food analogies here). Using the basic structure of The Beatles, and Electric Light Orchestra, Holmes carves out lush orchestral/lounge pop. On the liner notes, he classifies the style categories as: Power Pop, Rock Ya Body, Rock Ya Soul, Heartbreak Ballad and Little Diddy. This is a good guide, but I'll elaborate here - Holmes uses Cello, Saxophones and Accordian, to put together a beautiful series of ELO-styled ballads like "Nevermind" and "Nothing at All". He has gathered a dream-team of quality players here, including Lyle Workman (Bourgeois Tagg) and eleven other musicians. "Be Alone" is pop via Fountains of Wayne type rock tune. "Another Week" has melodies that bounce along with a bit of quirkiness similar to Tally Hall (see below). Although the mid-tempo songs are good, they can't compare to the ballads here. "Gray World" is my favorite tune here, and the ELO comparisons are more subtle homage, than the stylistic note for note copying of Bleu's L.E.O. Seek this music out and your soul will be shaked and baked by these teriffic ballads (I knew shouldn't have skipped dinner). Holmes will go on tour to support this album this June. Visit Holmes site to hear the entire album streaming and then order it directly!"
- PowerPopaholic

"Holmes Shines"

"Say what you will about "pop" music; even the most adamant nay-sayers among us with astronomical standards of expectation cross paths with a guilty pleasure or two from time to time. The truth is, whether or not they're out to change the world, some folks just write solid tunes. Such is the case with Holmes (aka Roy Shakked). His recent release, Stop Go, is a collection of 12 songs that offer something for the ear no matter what mood you're in. The album has its fair share of toe-tapping sing-alongs, yet displays a depth on its slower ballad-esque moments that balances the feel nicely. There is undoubtedly a Beatles influence pervasive throughout — songs such as "Another Week" and "Nevermind" could even pass for revamped lost tracks from Magical Mystery Tour — as well as others from the rock n' roll era, but with a modern spin. Holmes has notable experience as a producer under different aliases (the Tao of Groove, Jazzelicious), and it shows. The album as a whole is well produced, yet the vocals retain more of a live feel, tastefully avoiding effect over-saturation. While rarely straying from the traditional pop/rock format, Holmes' unique touches polish the album enough to shine." - Bill Braun, Amplifier Magazine
- Amplifier Magazine


"Stop Go" (released 3/27/07)
"Holmes" - EP (released 9/3/06)



Holmes Live clip: www.sweetholmes.com/videos.html

“I’ve always enjoyed records that reveal a bit of versatility – ones that draw from a number of different moods and styles” says Holmes a.k.a. singer/Songwriter/Producer Roy Shakked, “My influences vary; my moods vary, and so I like to keep things moving in an attempt try to get a more complete picture”. Enlisting a group of friends that would make any record producer's mouth water - Guitarists Lyle Workman (Beck, Sting, Frank Black), Chris Bruce (Seal, Wendy & Lisa) and Joel Shearer (Alanis Morissette, Ben Taylor); Drummer Ramy Antoun (Seal, Alexi Murdoch), Cellist Sarah O'Brien (ELO, LA Philharmonic), Bassist Brett Simons (Alexi Murdoch, Liz Phair), and other close pals Holmes spent the winter of '06-'07 locked up in his home studio, bringing to fruition a long overdue project. Stop Go is brimming with influences from 70's era rock & roll with a nod towards The Beatles, but is produced with personal touches and an ear to the future. Effortlessly moving from power pop to hard-hitting rock to tender singer-songwriter ballads, the album stays true to a melodic core with Holmes' intimate voice as the anchor. An un-promoted EP with 5 early mixes from the album has already received spins from nearly 100 U.S. radio stations promising greater things to come.

Holmes’ music career started out in Boston where he worked as a bar pianist and do-it-all keyboardist while studying at Berklee College of Music. He then moved to NYC, working as a composer, and now resides in LA spending his time producing records, taking care of his aging dog, staying up late, occasionally composing for television and running his own record label. His music has been featured on television shows The OC, Sex and The City, Independent Lens, Without a Trace and Nip/Tuck; a Nissan Motors commercial; movies Poseidon and The Devil Wears Prada, as well as recent album compilations for Pepsi Cola, Tommy Bahama and The Sharper Image to name a few.

A man of many aliases Holmes' is known to many for his notable Los Angeles record label Groove Gravy Records. Borrowing from a plethora of music genres and a variety of world flavors Holmes' production career reached a turning point as he recorded “Fresh Goods” - 2002's ultra-eclectic release under the pseudonym The Tao of Groove ( “Shakked's work could quite possibly take mixing to a whole new level." -The Oakland Tribune.) As Jazzelicious he has remixed classic tracks by Sarah Vaughan, Jimmy McGriff, McCoy Tyner and Carmen McRae among others, produced tracks for Shihan and Ursula Rucker and, in the process, has developed quite a distinctive musical style.

Stop Go represents a brand new direction - more introspective and largely reliant on Holmes' lyrics and vocals. From the existential to social commentary; relationship matters to just good old party songs Holmes delivers.