Holophonic Porno

Holophonic Porno


The sound of nails tearing skin off your back, zeros & ones filling your brain with seamless motion. A sexy mix of rock & electronica, combining the energies of acts like Queens of the Stone Age and Garbage. Heavy, melodic & catchy as hell.


Holophonic Porno is a Fredericton, New Brunswick-based quintet born from a desire to create something different in a city known mainly for its blues and indie rock output, but looking to create change where expected-is-accepted can prove to be a challenging venture.

Tonella Roy, known for her unique delivery and undeniable stage presence, began working with three-time EMCA nominated producer (Ross Neilsen's "Where I'm From" & Early Grave", On Vinyl's "Strode Dodger")/guitarist James Gauthier to create something new and inspiring. The connection between the shared inspiration fueled a writing frenzy that resulted in the bulk of material that makes up Holophonic Porno’s debut album [Obsession], released early in 2008. Delving into the darker side of human interaction, [Obsession] explores the true colours of mankind, exposing the battles that wage between the two sides of humans.

Juxtaposing the natural beauty and dynamic range of the female voice with the masculine aggression of heavy-edged music proved to be just the combination Gauthier and Roy had each been searching for. Combined with the structured and familiar rhythm of Electronica, Holophonic Porno’s sound is undeniably addictive.

Holophonic Porno's recent release [OBSESSION] has been nominated for Loud Recording Of The Year in the 2009 East Coast Music Awards.



Written By: Tonella Roy

Hard to feel and burn away
When I prefer to medicate myself
The solace found in numb
I buy on counters of your good intentions
And better than the piece of skin
That's caught in your teeth and in my head
Like a conscious disease we breed it

And repetition makes me sick
Still I find I'm not indifferent
Traded heads with the other me
To save myself from this
And fall into you
And fall over you
And fall into you
I keep falling
I can't breathe

Cold, I am so cruel
I need to find a way to
Shelter me from you
And I'm just so far removed
From hope and truth
I don't know where I am

Bleed your sickness over me
Just to show me what I'm missing now

Hard to care
Hard to feel
Want to burn away
I don't care
I don't feel
I just burn away

New Shoes

Written By: Tonella Roy

Burn off the pieces
Of your ghosts and apathy
Somewhere behind it
Your fondest memories
Three different days to count the time
Fill up the hole with you inside
Candy coated cancer
What did I trade
What did I pay
So you could see me now
I look so pretty on my knees
Why wont you just love me?

And it may take
some time for you to understand
You're here
And I am underneath your skin
And it may be
some time before you start to see
I'm in your head
And you are underneath my skin

Measure the moment
By the needle and the way
You rid the poison
When the anecdote wont take
I promise this wont hurt at all
Until you're begging me to stop
Do you want something I can't give
Cause I can change
I can wait
I can bleed
I can be whatever you need


Written By: Tonella Roy

Changes came
Suddenly like shadows in the sun
Like violent tendencies
Medicated down
Like webs you build to capture
All the liars and now
You're trapped inside as well
You would make them hollow, Love
despite your good intent
And swallow every corner
That made us innocent
Inside the silk
You're guilt has claimed another
Tell me who's the prey

Was it me
Was it you
Who fell beneath the strain
The soldier
The stranger
That I see in your eyes

And I can see it changing you
And I try
But I can't find a part of you
And you lie
And I can see it changing you
Though you hide
I see the spider in your eyes.

Serves them cold
Like bodies in the basement
Gets you where you're going
without these naive notions that they pity them
Or that the pity you
Or that it's all the same
No matter what you do

I don't see it clearly
But I am reaching for it anyways
I am falling
Could you break the fall for me?

When did everything come crashing down around me
When did everything come crashing down around me
I'm buried in your lies.


Written By: Tonella Roy

Sort out scabs and metal edges
Who wants to be a god damn star
Nylon chairs and skin distractions
Have made us who we are
I would find a word for this
Are you my medicine?
Talking heads
Why do you know me?
With eager hands you take another piece

Love your TV and your politician
Just respond, it seems you are
Standing in the very corner
Nothing more than another god damn star
I would find a word for this
Empty eyed, and set aside
All your words on repeat
Hello, is it nice to meet me?

It seems that we're all just faking it
And the proof is in our hands
Now we are all just part of it
So the lie is what you get.

Scare you with my sentimental overstated bullshit
All you have to do is swallow it
Shiny fixes up the pieces
You'll have all that you ever wanted

I would find a way to make you hear me
Why aren't you listening
Wasted life, why do you know me?
With eager hands you just lose another piece


Funny that it's hard to elaborate
After a couple years, you'd forget the candy and the roses
Funny that you see them all here day after day
But its just shadows and mirrors
That face was always one you loved to pretend to
Everyone needs someone to help them to forget
We can prescribe your personality
We can make you ours
Who wants another god damn rock star?


Album: Obsession

Current Single: Spider



Set List

The set is delivered in an intense and smooth fashion that engages any party oriented audience. The duration of our set is approximately an hour. It can be adjusted to suite shorter sets as well.