Holston is a Alternative rock band with a purpose.


Holston is a rock n roll band from upper east Tennessee with a sound and style that has been compared to the Foo Fighters, Switchfoot and Jimmy Eat World. There Influences have come from every style and variety of music that stretches over about 60 years. The band is made of four members Brett, Mike, Kelly and Tony. Their goal as a band is to write and play music that you can feel. The members of Holston also realize there is more to being in a band than just music. There music is also a tool to share their faith whether on the stage or off. They find it more important to glorify Christ through the way they live and the way they love rather than just sing about it. The band changed the name of their band on Jan 1, 2005 from Red Letter Seven to Holston. The name Holston comes from the area where the band members live.

We have played all over the southeastern US and some in the north. We have played mostly churches, colleges, venues, bars and festivals. We travel with our own sound system incase we need one. We work with what you need.


Right now we have one self titled 7 song ep out. It is on most online sites such as itunes, yahoo music and etc. You can purchase it at cdbaby.com or at one of our shows.

Set List

Our set list is mostly originals. Our set varies as to how long the promoter wants. We do some covers and they range from classic rock to modern rock. We have covered music all the way from foreigner "jukebox hero" to U2 "beautiful day" and some in between.

For Churches we can lead praise and worship and do concerts also, it is whatever they require.