Holy Beast

Holy Beast

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

When I was 9 years old my uncle got arrested for smuggling porn into the state of indiana. It was tragic, but I didn't really love him so it's okay; much the way Holy Beast is tragic and unlovable.
-Brian Hensley


Holy Beast (Bestia Santa) was formed by a group of nuns in a South American convent in the mid-17th century, convinced they had been chosen by El Poder to create a music loud enough to be heard over the thunder of the frequent tropical storms. Through an innovative but archaic amplification system, Bestia Santa performed as a storm drew closer and closer but, in what seemed to be God’s frustration with the project’s failure, a wooden crux was struck by lightning, setting the abadía aflame. All within saw fit to let themselves burn. A few hundred years later, four unknowns were chosen once again to deliver the Lord’s deafening word, finally loud enough to fight the thunder. Holy Beast: we didn’t burn the churches, the churches burned us.

Set List

If Still We Had
Hanny Hanny
Green Mountains
Old Flames
Vittimes Femines
Ghost of Cum Long Dead
No Bugs No Bad Guys
Fine WIne