Holy Crap

Holy Crap


Holy Crap specializes in balls to the wall rock and roll with lots of hooks, quirky breaks and vocal harmonies.


Holy Crap was born in the fall of 1998 from the ashes of the band Fly.
Combining bombastic drums, sheets of guitar and rapid-fire bass rhythms, the members of Holy Crap push one another to a cathartic state of rock-induced nirvana.
In 2000, their debut ep "Rock and Roll for President" was heralded as one of the best local releases of the year (Citybeat) and they were nominated for "new artist of the year" by the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards.
Rejuvenated yet restless after an extended hiatus, Holy Crap returns to promote their eponymous full length effort.


Rock and Roll For President - 2000
Holy Crap - 2006

Set List

30-45 minutes of high energy Rock and Roll