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Holy Fiction

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Americana Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Holy Fiction - Hours From It"

"Holy Fiction is that organic experimental rock that's perfect to listen to when you feel like you're really in the know" - Houston Press

"Hot Picks - Holy Fiction - Hours From It"

"Full of character, Holy Fiction’s Americana/folk style sticks out of the pre-defined genre" - The Album Project

"Carry You Away Reviews Holy Fiction"

“A stunning masterpiece of sound, and is already one of my favorite collection of songs from this year” - Carry You Away

"Holy Fiction Delivers Inviting Blen of Pop/Rock"

“...as if Peter Gabriel’s pop, Days of the New’s folk rock and Pink Floyd’s mellowness were mixed in a blender to make this 38-minute tour de force” - The Collegian

"Review: Holy Fiction - Hours From It"

"Holy Fiction is an impressive collection of indie pop that
combines the lushness of strings with driving rock energy." - Texas Music Magazine

"SCR Review: Holy Fiction - Hours From It"

"Damned impressive" - Space City Rock

"Holy Fiction - Chamber Pop We Can Believe In"

"Strong indie-pop with a flourish of folk with a adequately self dubbed title "ghost story pop music." - Largehearted Boy

"No Catagory, No Problem"

"Hours From It, showed me all their talents: the direct, catchy melodies, the falsetto heights and grumbling depths of lead singer Evan Lecker’s voice, and the lyrics at once heart-rendingly honest and confoundingly obscure." - Curator Magazine

"Austin Town Hall: Holy Fiction - Hours From It"

“vibrant soundscapes that rise and fall with Evan Lecker’s voice, leaving listeners yearning for more”

3.5 out of 4 stars - Austin Town Hall

"Holy Fiction Makes "Ghost Story" Pop Music"

"It would be a shame to miss a band playing chamber-indie-rock this well" - 29-95

"The Facts About Holy Fiction"

“Lush chamber pop threaded with faint folk flourishes and enough energy and eeriness to resist deadly descriptors like ambient” - Houston Chronicle

"PASTE MAGAZINE Presents: Holy Fiction - Hours From It"

"Each track [is] the ideal canvas for the voice of singer/guitarist Evan Lecker. His rich, powerful vocals are on full display as he croons heartfelt lyrics on songs like the 90s-throwback “Golden City Lights,” the slow-burning lament “Hours From It” and the unshakeable “More Than Ever.” - PASTE Magazine

"Houston Calling‘s favorite Houston releases of 2010"

20. Holy Fiction, Hours From It
For a folky, indie-pop band, Holy Fiction reminds me of The Cure for some reason. I can’t put my finger on it, but am enjoying trying to figure it out.

LISTEN: “Iron Eyes” - Houston Calling


Holy Fiction - Holy Fiction EP (2009)
Holy Fiction - Hours From It (2010)



Before the eventual formation of what would become the band Holy Fiction, Matt Geissler, then guitar player for Hemyah, invited Ethan Durelle’s frontman Evan Lecker to collaborate on a new project. This new venture was to deeper explore both artists’ love of folk, world, and ambient music.

After the simultaneous demise of both Geissler and Lecker’s bands in the summer of 2008, Holy Fiction became the primary focus of the two gents. Both artists had been independently working on new music and poetry in the final months of their respective bands, and they soon discovered how their individual works could be grafted together to create something wholly impressive. Shortly before recording the demos for what would become their debut album ‘Hours From It’, Holy Fiction added to their company Jordan McCune, a longtime friend and one of the principle songwriters of Hemyah. This addition provided the expanded group with a new musical perspective as McCune brought with him a passion for synthesizers, filters, and various soundscapes.

During the sessions, the trio made it their primary goal to craft an album that was not bloated with filler, rather they wanted a concise batch of songs that bypassed all of the pomp and circumstance and instantly appealed to their ethos. What they discovered was that with hard work and the willingness to be brutally honest, the process of churning out songs that were personal and vibrant became almost effortless. Halfway through the demo sessions, Holy Fiction grew from a trio to a sextet as they began to look around for other respectable musicians. Asher Pudlo, of Hemyah, Sally Tawfik, formerly a member of Winter Wallace, and Sam Lee of Pilot Drift and A Pacific Model joined the ranks and contributed immensely to their crowded sound.

Holy Fiction’s unique sound, which was crafted and refined over the last two years, was often difficult to create because of distance between its members -Lecker and Lee residing in Austin, Texas while the rest of the band live in Houston, Texas- but was overcame by sending demos between each other.

Pulling from such influences as Peter Gabriel, Talk Talk and Toto, Holy Fiction found an expansive, thoughtful pop sound of their own in the creation of their debut full length ‘Hours From It’. As angular as it is rounded, lingering as it is succinct, effortless as it is strenuous; like a desert flooded after a storm.