Holy Human

Holy Human

 Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

Holy Human is psychedelic music. However, this is actually a wider umbrella than one might assume at first brush. The music of Holy Human ranges from cheery sunscapes all the way to the coolness of cosmic isolation. There are hints of Hendrix and Pink Floyd stirred in with the sounds of freak folk.


Holy Human has been making music for just under a year now and is prepped to release its first LP "In a Cracked Mirror". Holy Human is the creative vehicle of Matthew Wall of Radon Moon, but he has enlisted other friends and members to take the show on the road. Wall has been quoted saying, "The reason I developed Holy Human was so I could go farther out with my psychedelic tendencies than I could with a tight, rock band like Radon Moon."


In A Cracked Mirror LP (Due Winter of 2010)