Holy Microphone

Holy Microphone


Garage pop pig pens wear sloppiness like soup stained badges of honour. comparisons to Cracker The Pixies and Flaming Lips have been thrown around.


Holy Microphone are striking down upon thee from
above with their unique brand of thumping indie garage pop. Mark Gabriel (Knockout Pill) leads the charge on his thundering bass, spinning the yarn and turning a phrase. Flanked by Fred Robinson(UIC, The Chickens) and Duncan Blair (Mummers, The Dickens). Tethered together by Ben A. on drums, they let fly their soaring screaming pop hooks. From car stereo or the AM tower, Holy Microphone will leave your ears ringing with catchy tunes reminiscent of the Flaming Lips, The Replacements or The Pixies, with a little Crazy Horse thrown in for good measure. Don't miss the carnival when it comes to town and stay tuned for their up coming 2nd full length release.


Raise Yer Guns

Written By: Holy Microphone

raise your guns if you wanna go, raise your guns when you wanna go to war

afraid of fire,
afraid of free speakin’ pundit’s
got a bill fore to fill your
motherlovin holes in logic
freedom all lovin cops
riot fencin for the swarm
strechin on cross the lawn keep your
Whitehouse armoured state sedated

raise your guns if you wanna go, raise your guns when you wanna go to war

bar coded paranoid
hollow pointed system
now your fully automatic turnin
holy water into holy war
turning tricks
laser-guided pink misted
translate democracy is
power to the people who agree

raise your guns if you wanna go, raise your guns when you wanna go to war


•Full length debut album "Goodbye Television Girl", released across Canada, charted well on college radio. Features the single "Leslie" as heard on the 102.1 EDGE and the single "Beatle Bob", presented by CBC 3 host Grant Lawrence.
•"Stand On Guard For Thee" compilation in support of our Canadian troops over-seas features the single "Raise Yer Guns"
•Media EP "Raise Yer Guns", featuring the single "Raise Yer Guns" with 4 remastered tracks from the full length debut album.

Set List

sally's on fire (Goodbye Television Girl)
figure it out (2nd full length un-released)
sister song (Goodbye Television Girl)
all the leaves (Goodbye Television Girl)
raise yer guns (Stand On Guard For Thee-compilation)
monkey car (2nd full length un-released)
weekend tomorrow (Goodbye Television Girl)
things'll get better (2nd full length un-released)
illuminate the girl (Goodbye Television Girl)
goin fishin (2nd full length un-released)

covers might include songs from the likes of The Clash to The Wedding Present to Teenage Head or Johnny Cash.