Homage and Doctor Audio

Homage and Doctor Audio

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Homage and Doctor Audio are fusing Hiphop, funk and technology to unmask a sound that defies predictability. Driving beats combining with powerful lyrics, easily delivers an intimate evening where Music becomes the experience, and dance becomes the vehicle.


Homage and Dr Audio is a monkey wrench in the music industry's genre-jukebox. The two emerge from a wide variety of previous bands spanning across Electro-Funk, Conscious Hiphop, Cafe Acoustic, Gypsy Trance, as well as Jazz and Hiphop Musical Theatre. Homage, well known from the popular act "Internal Affairs," lyrically laces the hypnotic production of Dr Audio, founder and coordinator of The Cortes Island Art Festival.

The collaboration began in a poet's seclusion on a remote Pacific Island, Cortes Island. The distinct musical flavor jump started in 2005, the time of their acquainting, from already abundant careers. Homage contributed the experience of an Open Mic host and workshop instructor teaching the cultural craft of vocal improvisation. Dr Audio quickly applied his keen sense as Cortes Island's forefront audio engineer as well as a skillful multi-instrumentalist playing keys, saxaphone, guitar, etc, including the duo's Hiphoppity Jazzy Funk beat production.

What can be best complimented about Homage and Dr Audio, however, is their live performance. With the predictability of a "monk gone mad," there's great flexibility for both spontaneous sampling, and slam rapping. This quality enhances their ability to adapt to the ambience of audiences and to instill an evening of unforgettable energy.