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The best kept secret in music


"Ghostland.com (Progressive e-zine)"

On the surface, HomBru sounds like a blend of Gordian Knot and Tool. They incorporate heavy, Stick-laden grooves and edgy guitar riffs with cerebral lyrics that occasionally break into growly Bill Hicks-style vocal flourishes. For a trio, HomBru fills in the space very well with effects, arpeggios, and most notably the excellent drumwork by Todd Wink. In a guitar-driven band such as this, it is easy to focus on the melodies and grooves, but it is worth listening to the work that Wink puts down behind it all. The "Ingredients" EP is a very good introduction to what HomBru is all about. - Chad Hutchison

"Greg Howard News Letter"

(Review from Greg Howard, Greg Howard Band, Dave Matthews Band)

There's a great sonic variety here, the songs are all well-crafted and David Huff's Stick Bass playing goes way beyond the "bass." Lot's of beautiful interweaving solo lines, as well as some really chunky, precise bass parts. Huff and band mates have put together one of the tightest Stick'based bands around. - Greg Howard

"Twisted Pair Records"

1 part Van Halen
1 part Rush
1 Pan Dream Theater
1 Stick Bass
Shake well, stir, serve chilled over ice!

Those are the "Ingredients" to the band HomBru, and the title of their latest CD. A 5 song album emphasizing on showmanship, perfection, production, and execution. A progressive sound that would fool most listeners, had they not known it was a small three-piece band. Stamping out a sound that should definitely land well on the ears of their fans and new listeners, they have re-formed to destroy the myth that rock is dead! It surely is not and these three know how to rock! In the name of all things that rock, HomBru has achieved their goal of excellence and professionalism! - Pliskel and Fleabert


Imaginary Music (1999)
Ingredients (EP, 2001)
The Nerve-on air rotation


Feeling a bit camera shy


HomBru was formed out of Denton, TX as a five-piece ensemble. The purpose or mission of HomBru was, and always has been to bring back the sincerity and validity that had once been the driving forces behind popular music. As a five-piece, HomBru struck a chord with audiences in their use of unique arrangements and complex rhythmical lines. HomBru quickly developed a loyal fan base, and gained the reputation among local live music venues as "the professionals" and the "go-to guys" whenever national acts were scheduled to play.

In early 1999, HomBru made their first full-length independent release entitled "Imaginary Music." The response from fans and critics was positive overall; however, the band was then faced with a dilemma. The main concern was that, although the music had been well received, the equation was not quite balanced enough for them to be considered by the major recording labels and, in turn, radio-broadcasting corporations. HomBru knew that if they were going to fulfill their professional goals as musicians they would have to play the game within the boundaries that had been established. By the end of 2000, the band unanimously decided to take a hiatus from writing and playing to reflect upon what they had accomplished thus far, and to decide what adjustments needed to be made to propel them to the next level.

In 2001 the band reconvened, this time as a trio. The reduction in force brought with it a stronger focus and a new understanding of what needed to be done to accomplish the group’s objectives. By the autumn of 2001, HomBru made its return to the stage, an event that was held in great anticipation by the fans in the weeks and days that preceded. The response was unimaginable, and the sound was raw yet precise. HomBru was definitely on the right track with the new material, so the decision was made to reenter the studio.

During the first two weeks of March 2002, HomBru recorded, mastered, and pressed their second release, simply titled "Ingredients." This 30-minute recording personifies HomBru’s commitment to excellence, professionalism, and dedication to the attainment of their goals. Since releasing "Ingredients", HomBru has garnered significant international recognition gaining fans and radio airplay in France, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Spain, and the Philippines.