Home Alone

Home Alone


My names Tom, I create music under the name Home Alone
I've been in a number of bands, but the never worked out.
The past year i've been working on alot of solo music and i'm really excited to say that it has been released a week ago, on Foxes in Fictions brooklyn based label Orchid Tapes.


Hey there,

My names Tom, I live in Toronto

I have a musical project entitled Home Alone.
I enjoy shoegaze and dreampop and i feel it shows in my music.Last week my first ep "Teddybears & Weed" was released.I'm really excited to have the support of Warren Hildebrand of Foxes in Fiction releasing my ep on his Brooklyn based label Orchid Tapes. In The one week my ep has been out i have received numerous positive reviews from awesome blogs and thousands of listens on my bandcamp.

I have worked on Teddybears&Weed the past year and wanted to accomplish something im really proud of. In the past i have recorded a bunch of songs with my previous band and wasnt at all satisfied with the quality of the recordings. With Home Alone i spent a long period of time fine tuning the sounds and tones and was lucky enough to have Warren Hildebrand (Foxes in Fiction) master it

I was in a band for two years called Stacey Adams. I wrote all the songs and play guitar/sung. We had an ep and played a bunch of shows. I organized a couple shows and then i contacted a local blog/promoter (GoldSoundz), which resulted in a handfull of gigs. Eventually we stopped playing music together and i began working on my solo project.

Oh yeahh,
Sorry about the late submission, the ep came out last week. Timing was something i couldn't control

Hope you enjoy




Teddybears & Weed

Set List

2.Wishful Sinking
3.Teenage Tide
5.Keep Breathing
7.No Ones Awake
8.Left Alone