Home Before Sundown

Home Before Sundown


We are two guys with some keyboards, computers, robots, voices, robots with voices, computers with robots, keyboards with computers, and every once in a while a little bit of guitar.


Home Before Sundown is two guys who put down their guitar and bass and quit their bandmates to nerd out on synthesizers and sequencers.

We grew tired of the same scene and decided to take on a new challenge.

The result:
Songs that are more epic in their nature.
Songs that are more eccentric in thier nature.
A critical visual element that incorporates our music with synchronized video.
The ability to hold on to the classic song structure (i.e. the verse and the hook) while adding more strength and depth to the sound.

Our influences range from:

Traditional songwriters such as Elliott Smith, New Order.

More electronically natured artists such as Portishead, Aphex Twin.

And then the sweet hybrid of the two such as Air.


EP - Low Horizon

New music video just finished (Directed by up and comer Robbie Johnstone, www.rockadee.com)

Full length album to be released later this summer.

Set List

We usually play 40-45 mins and play approximately 8 or 9 songs from a library of 15-20.

Our key songs include:
Long Division (Intro build)
Redheaddeathbed (Song for which we have a new music video for)
Line in the Sand
Lullaby for and Insomniac
Bastille Day
Slow Down

Every once in a while we throw in a cover of 2:45am
by Elliott Smith