Springfield, Ohio, USA

Energetic rock with a Celtic edge. High energy acoustic based rock with driving rythyms and a wailing electric fiddle, Bagpipes, and whistle.


Homeland first started up its engines 11 years ago and took the Midwestern US by storm with a unique mix of Celtic and energetic American folk rock. It was a 'first of its kind' band and quickly built a huge base of loyal fans. But, 2009 brought a change in the band's lineup. The band added two new members: a new fiddler and an award-winning piper…and in came an entirely new dimension to the Homeland sound. Don't be misled--this ain’t some tired old Paddy punk band. It's an adrenaline-fueled Celtic rock ride as Homeland tears up the stage with blazing fast reels and jigs on the fiddle, Highland pipes, Uilleann pipes, Scottish smallpipes, and Irish whistles in a throwback to its deep Celtic roots. The band delivers Celtic-influenced original rock tunes, edgy & high-speed takes on old traditional tunes and hard-driving instrumentals like you’ve never heard.

If you haven't seen Homeland recently, you haven't seen Homeland. The band is blowing the top off festival tents and the shingles off the pub as it gives standing-room-only crowds a 200 mph white-knuckle ride from the first tune to the last ! So, grab your Guinness—wait, you’d better grab two!--tighten your seatbelt and get ready for the wildest Celtic rock ride this side of the Atlantic...because starting now, Homeland is rockin' the homeland like never before!

The March 2010 release of "Bridge" marked the birth of Homeland's new sound. Their first release with the new line-up, "Bridge" introduced Tyler's rock/jazz/celtic influences and Larry's blazing fast piping on the Highland pipes, Uilleann pipes and Irish whistles. "Bridge" is different from Homeland's previous musical efforts and marks a return to its roots and Celtic music heart.


Grey- EP
A Night at the Pub- CD
10,000 Miles Live- CD
The Big Dream- CD
Ireland Compilation- CD
We Never Got This Far Alone-CD

Set List

The Rising of the Moon (Get Up, Stand Up)
Stella On A Sunday
The Fields of Athenry
Hero's Dead
Ball And Chain
Never Again
The Best That I Could Need
Red Is the Rose
Hero's Dead
Black and White
The Descent
Mrs. McGrath
Waiting for Eve
This Town
Station One
The Lowlands of Holland
Donald McGillivray
Can it Be?
Jamie Rayburn's Farewell
Hold Me Down Love
Morrison's Jig/Allie in the Morning
Slip Jam
Hold On
Sweet Mary
Smile and a Stone
Smack the Piper
Pipe Song
Leaving of Liverpool
Uncle Donald
Foggy Dew
Finnigan's Wake
Spancil Hill
Irish Rover
Sam Hall
Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
Muirsheen Durkeen
Donald McGillivray
All Along The Watchtower
Whiskey in the Jar
Step it Out Mary
Station One
Riley's Daughter
Sleeping Scotsman
Scotland the Brave
A Nation