Homeless Hill

Homeless Hill

 Macon, Georgia, USA

Homeless Hill is a dynamic original rock band based out of Macon, Georgia that prides themselves on their powerful live performances. Their shows include a delicate balance of originals to a well thought out list of covers from classic to modern rock.


Born in the blazing heat of a deep south summer in 2009, Homeless Hill quickly established themselves as one of the most sought after original rock acts in Middle-Georgia, setting attendance records throughout the region in multiple venues. Rachel Helie – writer forThe 11th Hour (one of the Southeast’s premier entertainment magazines) – has branded them as the hardest working band in Mid-GA.

Watching a Homeless Hill show will have you convinced that you’re experiencing history in the making, as it’s merely a matter of time when this band is unleashed on a global scale. In fact, many in the industry are claiming that this may soon become reality. Mark “Tosh” Davies, host of The Rock Train on Siren FM 107.3 in the United Kingdom says that Homeless Hill could be the next Alterbridge or Shinedown. Classic Rock Magazine mentions the four-piece from Georgia have consistently pulled rave reviews from their live shows.

Homeless Hill released their first album Set it on Fire in 2010 which spawned three popular crowd favorites, including Set It On Fire, Pyschodelic and Ride. Their newest album Invincible (2012) continues to solidify their successful streak with They Don’t Know getting major radio airplay all over the world, including DRS in Switzerland and RTE in Ireland. The band was just honored in March on their home turf of Macon, Georgia, being voted as Best Rock Band in Macon at The 2012 11th Hour Reader’s Choice Awards Show at The Cox Capitol Theatre.

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Darin Curtis, guitarist Jonathan “JFO” Foreman, bassist Adam Crump and Danny Savage on Drums, comprises the line-up of Homeless Hill. Original, modern, radio-rock, in the tradition of Alterbridge, Shinedown and Foo Fighters, Homeless Hill is guitar-riff heaven with powerhouse vocals – snagging you with memorable hooks that you won’t get out of your head.

Homeless Hill continues to perform and win over new fans all over the Southeastern U.S. and are working on new songs for their upcoming EP. As Chris Horne of the Macon Telegraph writes, relying on their powerful hooks, and vocal harmonies, if you catch one of their live shows you may just become one of the Homeless Homies.

With their whole career ahead of them, watch for Homeless Hill soon in a town near you. In the immortal words of Homeless Homies everywhere, can we get a big Hill Yeah!?



Written By: Homeless Hill

Verse 1:
I was falling apart at the seams
When you woke me from my dreams
But I won't let this bother me
No I won't let this bother me.
So let go...let go

What if I said I'm not like you?
What if I said it's my life to lose?
Would you care at all?
What if I said that you're wrong?
What if I said I'm Invincible? I'm Invincible

Verse 2:
Lay me down in the street
Where I won't get back to my feet
When I reach for the sky
I won't every get that high
So let go...let go


They deem us unkind
From body from mind
It's different, it's the same
No words can describe this kind of pain


© 2012 Homeless Hill. All Rights Reserved.

Break Away

Written By: Homeless Hill

Verse 1:
These are the things she said to me
to help me move on
''I can't understand why...you never even tried to see''
You always helped me find a reason

To hate the way I feel ok, but I'm not
I want to break away
But I guess I will another day

Verse 2:
These are the dreams she stole from me
and crushed them all
My life of happiness is gone up in flames
But I'm I'm just scared to tell you why

Chorus 2x
Chorus 3x

© 2012 Homeless Hill. All Rights Reserved.

They Don't Know

Written By: Homeless Hill

Verse 1:
Curtis was a hungry man sitting outside waiting to get fed
The children came out and starting laughing, throwing rocks up against his head
but they don't know, they don't know
He slept here and there in the cold all alone holding pictures of his kin
The children asked why he was holding them pictures up against his skin
but they don't know...No, they don't know

Ain't it strange how life can turn around?
On top if the world before you hit the ground
But Curtis has no place to go
But they don't know, no they don't know

Verse 2:
Now Curtis growing up, he didn't ask for much, he had too much pride
His Daddy told ''Son, you're gonna go far, you're the apple of my eye''
But he didn't know, he didn't know
But when the men came out, they were starting to shout and pulled a gun
His Daddy looked at Curtis with a smile and said ''I love you, but it's time to run,''
and I think he knew, and Curtis did too, yeah...

Chorus 2x

© 2012 Homeless Hill. All Rights Reserved.

Hold Me Close

Written By: Homeless Hill

Verse 1:
I'll burn your rope
every last ounce of hope
And steal your soul
with every smile
I wish this water could sustain
my thirst for blood....I know you would
With hunger running through my veins
I'm seeing red again

the only one...alone
will sing the song alone

Verse 2:
So hold me close
I love when we get close
And don't let go of your light
You're just fools to pray for rain,
I don't need to grow, but you should know
anger laughs at all your pain
It's calling out your name

Chorus 2x

I built a home to call my own with what you left with sticks and stones
But I can't live, and I can't give you what you need so I'll just sleep
And I could take all of my hate and just scream until I wake
A thousand times to break the rhyme is all it takes

Chorus 3x

© 2012 Homeless Hill. All Rights Reserved.


Written By: Homeless Hill

Oh here we find
a simple mind
corrupted and
so small

These men so weak
don't stop to think
oh one by one they fall

So become -
the animal on it's knees
Undone -
by the poisonous talking disease
It's not enough -
that he chooses not to be seen
But for you -
for you I will believe...

Verse 2:
Lashing out
the senseless shout
They think they know
it all
Oh where's the son
when there is none?
I'd rather be...Oddball


Some have reached the sky
but none can reach that high
Hard to reach?
A lifeless leach
One I wait to find.

Chorus 2x

© 2012 Homeless Hill. All Rights Reserved.

Broken Bones

Written By: Homeless Hill

Feel the way
I feel today
You can't deny
the suffering
And waste away
away with me
No need to say
I'm broken down so I'll let you know

I long to fly
oh I long
But I need somebody to help me before I go
I can't hold on
oh no...
because I need somebody to mend these broken bones.

Verse 2:
has gone away
And so have I
yet here I lay
And fall apart
a broken heart
there's no need to stay
I'm broken down so I'll let you go


Sometimes it's easier to die
instead of trying you and I
It's you I blame
because broken is not my name

Chorus 2x

© 2012 Homeless Hill. All Rights Reserved.


Set It On Fire (2010)
Invincible (2012)

available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

Set List

Set It On Fire- Homeless Hill
Alibi-Homeless Hill
Nuthin-Homeless Hill
Psychodelic-Homeless Hill
Ride-Homeless Hill
Watermelon-Homeless Hill
Wasting Gasoline-Homeless Hill
Oddball-Homeless Hill
If Only-Homeless Hill
Broken Bones-Homeless Hill
Invincible-Homeless Hill
They Don't Know-Homeless Hill
Pirates-Homeless Hill
Hold Me Close-Homeless Hill
Die Alone-Homeless Hill
Break Away-Homeless Hill

Learn To Fly-Foo Fighters
Arlandria-Foo Fighters
Rolling in the Deep-Adele
6th Avenue Heartache-The Wallflowers
Have You Ever Seen The Rain-CCR
The Chain-Fleetwood Mac
It's A Long Way to The Top (If You Wanna Rock-n-Roll) - AC/DC
Son's Gonna Rise-Citizen Cope
Come Together-The Beatles
Bad Day-Fuel
Ain't No Rest For The Wicked-Cage The Elephant
Like A Stone-Audioslave
Crazy-Gnarles Barkley
Otherside-Red Hot Chili Peppers
Open Up Your Eyes-Tonic
Song #2(woo-hoo)-Blur
Cold Hard Bitch-Jet