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homeless J.


homeless J. is truly a unique blend of influences: the edge & energy of early U2, the artistry of the Cure, the mystique of Jane's Addiction. The lyrics are insightful & imaginative, the melodies haunting & memorable. The guitars are atmospheric, stadium-large; the rhythm section eclectic & robust.


Homeless J.: “A Tale Of Two Infidels“ by Adrian Gregory Glover


To define art is to define a journey. With perspective and taste entering into the field of play, said definitions are very hard to come by. He knows this and yet regardless of what the circumstances may be, he still continues upon his journey because that is what must be done.

Splitting himself in two is not entirely out of the question. It may sound crazy, but we are all guilty of it in some form or fashion. He is just smart enough to pack a bag before his trip.

As a religious minister he is so well-versed in spiritual ideology that conversation can be hard to maintain because at times he makes too much sense.

As the vocalist/leader of the buzzing rock band homeless J., he becomes the Flash - someone who fights for art and delivers the message that they both can agree upon. And each half of his internal whole has a job to do.

Act One: Faith & Fate

The time is just south of midnight as a now-energy deficient crowd files out of the Midwest rock club Columbia Street West. The Flash smiles briefly to himself to acknowledge that he has once again delivered the message with the sort of reckless abandon that has kept homeless J. in queue as the next rock band to simultaneously inspire and influence.

Having just led his troupe into war he scratches his chin and reflects upon not only the latest moments gone by but all that has led up to this point.

Musically, his unit is a charismatic see-saw that is at once as adventurous as prime Jane’s Addiction, as entrenched in value as early U2 and nearly as thunderous as Led Zeppelin. His poetically imaginative lyrics resemble the greats who so gracefully introduced the faith that drove their hearts and ultimately their art.

He’s more than aware that people are picking up on a few of his sources of lyrical inspiration. That’s fine; being a poet is great work if you can get it but it’s incredibly hard work to maintain it. He of all people should know, having gone through enough transitional periods to fill up at least six hours of VH-1 programming.

Under his belt are all the childhood dreams of starting a band with your high school friends only to have the real world step in and cash that check. The next notch was a reassembly of troops which ultimately led to the requisite huge local following, playing great regional clubs and getting radio support which beckoned the check writers.

The stage was set for the untouchable myth to become the reachable truth but as they all found out, the doors to paradise only open with very, very heavy keys.

Act Two: Art vs. Commerce

Ears ringing, The Flash walks outside behind the venue. Many have departed for their next destination…be it home or another smoky room with a liquor license.

He’s coming down now and settling back into his day-to-day skin. He wonders if the upcoming days will deliver the satisfaction he has been after all of this time.

Questioning his longtime lover, the Muse, he does some quick mental math. Not counting the release of several high school demos, he figures that he is currently in the neighborhood of his fourth recording situation.

The now defunct MCA Records came through on every promise but one as they closed their doors what felt like seconds before The Flash’s close-up. Thinking about those days still makes him wonder about the gluttons that grinded those gears to a halt.

He then ponders how he will feel if his musical career for whatever reason is not satisfactory to him as a person, to The Flash as an enigma or to the purpose of his message and art.

The idea of regressing to step one of the journey is not a novel one and that may come with new lessons to learn.

He is hardly alone. His drummer and bass player have a bond which not only gives his band a tighter anchor but it yields an x factor which can not be described. His guitarists have been there since he took the first step into his first circle. The parts all contribute to the whole leaving him to wonder if in her wisdom the Muse sent them to find and walk with him.

Act Three: The Arrival

Tired and bored with his current thought process, he shrugs this post-show line of fire off with a wink and a nudge and lets it all go. The past is the past and worrying about the potential future doesn’t do anybody any good.

Being independent for the meantime has some of its own advantages. In their recent independent release "The Squeeze" (the follow-up to the nationally released "Three Seconds to Gaze") they possess the rare record which offers so much to so many. As a reviewer recently said:

“Though the short instrumental opener, “Intro,” might make you think you’ve stuck Kid A in your CD player by mistake, it quickly segues into some signature homeless J. tuneage. “What I Want” builds on a thunderous riff before opening up into a heartfelt verse and a chorus that can only be descr



Written By: homeless J.

I’m on the flipside now
Never wanted this atrophy
Didn’t get to the edge
Without a catastrophe

Inside, outside your side
I push you away
Is that the way it should be?
There’s nothing out there to see

I’m coming in off the streets
I’m getting off of dependency
Never thought I’d come back
Didn’t mean for the accident

Inside, outside your side
Don’t push me away
There’s nothing in me to see
Is that the way it should be?

I’m off the flipside now
Back on my feet again
Never want revenge
Never meant to depend on you

Inside, outside your side
We push it away
Is that the way it should be?
Is that the way it should be?

Inside, outside your side
Don’t push it away
Is that the way it should be?
There’s something in me to see

The Earth is not my Home

Written By: homeless J.

Sometimes it boils down to that one thing we can’t control
When life moves on without our permission

Breaking everything we know
But in the cracks you see it glow
But in a quiet moment I realize
That the earth is not my home

I love you
I love you

In my heart are plans to prosper and to grow
Dreams I call my own, dreams I dream to save my soul

Though my weak hands fail to see
That the dream they build is me
In a quiet moment I realize
That the earth is not my home

I love you
I love you

When I muster up the courage
When I plan to make the stand
When I flail my fists at heaven
The earth is not my home

When I’m tired, beat and bruisin’
When I’m crawling on my knees
When I’m bearing up the weakest
The earth is not my home

When I’m coming down the mountain
When I’m walking down the street
When I fail to make the contact
The earth is not my home

Home, home such a mystery we roam
Home, home the road the only thing we own

(In the time of the) Butterflies

Written By: homeless J.

In the clouds a man in white
Comes the sound of darkest night
Time was a road
That you used for the news, shout, you never gave it away

This is the end
This is the end…
Of an age

In the time of the butterflies
What people dream beneath the sky

Blue the rain the fell
Seeking hearts attempt to dwell
Dream, dream in the air
That you used for the news, shout, you don’t give it away

This is the end
This is the end…
Of an age

In the time of the butterflies
What people dream beneath the sky

Break the veil, blaze trail, light up parade
Wheat and chaff, do the math, call out the brigade
Touch the stone; break the bones, let out balloons
Cause its time, draw the line, fly out your cocoons

Million Miles

Written By: homeless J.

Leprous skin gets in like an infection
Spreads its wings looking in my direction
Going for my heart
Leper in my heart
Don’t touch me in the heart
There’s a leper in my heart

And it feels like you’re a million miles away
When I need someone who can fix my heart today

Hopeless help wave flag affiliations
The attempt to heal breeds grave miscalculations
Going for my heart
Not caring for my heart
Breaking in my heart
Leave it in the dark

And it feels like you’re a million miles away
When I need someone who can fix my heart today
Make the million miles behave
Heal the leper crush the snake

Snake strikes heal and breaks open independence
Stealing the spark the cure must find a secret way

And it feels like you’re a million miles away
I'd take that road but you're with me anyway
Make the million miles behave
Heal the leper crush the snake

The bloods in my veins
Your bloods in my veins


"The Squeeze" EP - Released June 15, 2007 (independent)

"Three Seconds To Gaze" - Released May 2, 2006 on Selectric Records (Sony RED), originally recorded with MCA/Uninhibited

homeless J. was included on X102.3 FM's Essentials project (a CD showcasing best local artists)

More songs are available streaming and for download at www.myspace.com/homelessj and at www.homelessj.com

Set List

homeless J. is capable of performing up to three 45-minute sets of original music (and one choice cover of Echo and the Bunnyman's "Lips Like Sugar").