Homeless Moses

Homeless Moses


post apocalyptic soulful funky groove rock, with socially conscious lyrics and positive vibes,


Born and raised in Minneapolis, Jeff has a B.A. degree in Language and Music In Performance from the Univ. of Minnesota Duluth. After performing in and around the midwest for several years in various bands, he began to suffer paranoid delusions, which led to the emergence of his alter ego, Homeless Moses. His songs range from honest, reflective and often witty observations on relationships, to passionate hard driving groove and funk rock with spiritual, political and socially conscious lyrics. Currently he resides somewhere in the redwood forests of the pacific northwest coast, where he enjoys organic gardening, mushroom foraging and skinny dipping. Never mind his tales about being a former intelligence agent/mind control victim alien abductee, and if you should encounter him in the forests, or perhaps lurking in some downtown warehouse district, offer him fresh leafy greens if you have them, but please, do not mention the words "operation mockingbird"


Homeless Moses,
Homeless Moses Psychic Assassin
Jeffrey Scroggins - Iodine

Set List

Siamese Cat Twins
The War Within
Loan Me Your Faith
Free Energy
True Love Is
Country Ghetto Girl