homeless yellow

homeless yellow


Homeless Yellow are a Brisbane based, four piece acoustic band. They have been playing together since 2006. Started as a side project for the boys who have come from diverse musical backgrounds like metal. Homeless yellow has turned from a side project into an enjoyable band that keeps gaining momentum. They have toured around the country playing everywhere from country pubs, sleepy surf towns to sleepless cities. The diversity of the band leaves a taste that's hard to categories, it's a blend t


Since forming in 2006, The four lads in the acoustic fun house that is Homeless Yellow have been on the road to discovery in the world of acoustic guitar based music. The shared passion of the four lads combined with there diverse musical backgrounds, sees the music of homeless yellow explore many musical terrains and emotions. From traditional folk, too heavy and alternative sounds. Tales of life that can be a bitter sweet rollercoaster ride. Homeless yellow have spent the last couple years playing around Australia sharing there music and there lives with people from Darwin to Melbourne and living the Australian dream. Life is prortrayed in the music of homeless yellow.


Fun Parlour E.P 2008

God Verses Satrun E.P 2010