Homemade Drugs

Homemade Drugs

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

"its kind of like a part animal, part building that stumbles around and eats other smaller animal/buildings and takes their body parts and dances around with them"
-drunk fan


The guys in Homemade Drugs cook them up fast, short, and full of the great noise they themselves love. Tyler and Brian lead the way on guitars, Chris keeps it real on Bass and Bobby absolutely slams the drums in this psychedelic punk rock mash up that keeps everyone up all night long. Songs like “Schizophrenic Cat” and “I Shot Mary” really are short, but they keep you coming back for more, and more, and more until your eyes are blood shot and your skin itches, but hey maybe one more song. It’s not unusual to hear chants of “we want drugs” at shows and the guys always deliver. First Homemade Drugs brings out the best in the audience, waking them from what many call the Cincinnati stupor, but then they bring out the worst when the show is over and withdrawal sets in. No worries though, Homemade Drugs is on the scene from Athens to Columbus and you can always get your next fix. Homemade Drugs-just like mom used to make. -Jason Waters


Homemade Drugs lp, Dark Circles Records 2011