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"Heartbreak Hotel” has a classic feel, deeply rooted in Homemadesoul’s stirring vocals, along with some solid rhythm guitar riffs and bass line."

There have been many music artists who began their sonic journeys while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. Iconic acts like Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash and John Coltrane all found their musical calling as soldiers. Up and coming singer/musician Homemadesoul is yet another example of a music artist who discovered his niche as a serviceman. While in the U.S. Air Force in 2001, Homemadesoul felt the need to scratch his music itch. In a six-year span, the Philadelphia born Curtis Clark, Jr. collaborated and performed in Japan, Kuwait, Panama, and Guatemala as well as across the US. Switch to 2012: Clark’s music odyssey has arrived as Homemadesoul, an artist who is gaining award nominations the more he’s heard.

Homemadesoul’s EP, Inspired By A True Story, Vol. 1, is sure to draw comparisons to artists such as D’Angelo and Bilal, but in truth, goes beyond anything either of those two ever created on record. While both of those artists subscribed to heavy hip-hop influences in their music, Homemadesoul mainly leaves the genre out, instead opting for a blend of 60’s Ray Charles textures and a mixture of 70’s soul, all bound in a contemporary neo-soul package. Inspired By A True Story, Vol. 1 is one of those CDs that would be better appreciated if it were in LP form; the album calls upon its predecessors both musically and melodically. The album has an overall mellow feel, with a vibe that takes the listener many places. If you’re looking for a D’Angelo type of groove, “With My Lady” can do the trick for you, with its head-nodding neo-soul vibe. Songs like “My Heart” and “Runaway,” with their piano/organ melodies and style, take you back to a jazz-influenced 60’s sound. Both songs could easily be in big band accompaniment and you’d still get their essence. “Heartbreak Hotel” has a classic feel, deeply rooted in Homemadesoul’s stirring vocals, along with some solid rhythm guitar riffs and bass line. And the gospel-influenced “Let’s Stay Together” could easily be the new wedding anthem.

Homemadesoul has a mature and soulful voice; if you’re looking for acrobatic vocal runs so often associated with neo-soul artists, he’s probably not going to be your guy. One of the reasons you won’t hear Homemadesoul try to prove to you he can sing is because the music ebbs and flows as he does, a rarity in today’s R&B and soul scene. The album offers a bit of something for both the fellas and the ladies, and getting the sexes together to listen Inspired By A True Story, Vol. 1 is sure to inspire some good vibes and cozy casual conversation. Highly Recommended.

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- Soultracks

"Philadelphia native Homemadesoul has been making a name for himself in the Florida area."

Philadelphia native Homemadesoul has been making a name for himself in the Florida area. The former U.S. airman pulls in pieces of his reality, scrapping together vivid audio stories.

Then single "Heartbreak Hotel" is a soulful tale of a love that cannot be captured. The record appears on "Inspired By A True Story Vol. 1," which he describes as "ongoing quest to tell true stories of everyday life, as they are experienced, seen, and felt."

Read more: http://www.singersroom.com/content/2012-01-19/Homemadesoul-Heartbreak-Hotel/#ixzz1tZBy6f8N
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"Homemadesoul delivers solid vocal performances, fantastic writing and some absolutely beautiful melodies and harmonies."

It's been a while since I've highlighted some straight soul. It most certainly wasn't that I didn't want to. I just haven't heard any indie stuff come through my inbox. Well, that changed.

Homemadesoul is the stagename (Yes, just like that.) of Curtis Clark Jr. The Floridian singer/songwriter just released his first EP, 'Inspired by a True Story.' The project is a 9 song Classic Soul/R&B trip with some minor Jazz inflections. Homemadesoul delivers solid vocal performances, fantastic writing and some absolutely beautiful melodies and harmonies. His voice really shines when he's using his middle and upper register. The voice really opens up at those points and showcases a wonderful tone and timbre. "Heartbreak Hotel" and "Get This" are solid examples of how the quality of his voice changes as he moves through his range.

Mr. Clark has been heavy on his job promoting his work around the world. There aren't many independent artists that can say they've performed in Kuwait, Iraq, Guatemala and Japan in the last year! On top of the traveling, he was nominated for four 2012 Beachcomber Music Awards to close out the year 2011. The Florida local publication selected him in the categories of Best Male Vocalist, Best Singer/Songwriter, Best R&B/Soul Artist and Best Original Song for "Let's Stay Together." Play on, Playa! Winners will be announced on February 19th.

IBATS is a strong first effort. Very strong. At points, I would have liked a few tweaks to production but those moments are far and few between. I send this one out to you with a full seal of approval. Support this musician and Air Force veteran by checking out the stream below. Buy the entire release for as little as $1. One. Whole. Dollar. - Rox Fontaine

"New Music: Homemadesoul"

Homemadesoul, born Curtis Clark Jr., is a man with a plan. After joining the U.S. Air Force in 2001, Clark realized that he wanted to pursue music full time. Clark has made the rounds performing in Iraq and Kuwait, as well as Guatemala and Japan and since completing his service, he’s been crooning full-time. Homemadesoul has the raw talent, pure voice, and smooth sound that make for beautiful music to love to. - Seeds

"The Collection"

HomemadeSoul's latest album, The Collection, is a great compilation of great soulful jazz
songs by a talented group of musicians and an awesome singer.

The best song on this project in my opinion is "With My Lady". Along the lines of a
D'Angelo, Musiq or Bilal song, this track has a great soulful, jazzy kind of vibe that grown
folks can two-step to. The music is pretty good and I like the chords and organ with the
nice drum beat. This is definitely worth listening to.

Another track on I like is "My Love Is Gone" because the lead vocals are very powerful
and sincere. In addition, the music is very well composed and reminds me of something
I'd hear from Stevie Wonder with the rhodes, organ and mid-tempo beat. Nice song!

There are a lot of great songs on this project, each having a consistent jazz-soul feel to it
that resonates throughout the album. Other great tracks on The Collection include: My
Heart, On My Mind, and Sweetness.

Overall, I'd say HomemadeSoul's, The Collection, is the right mix of soul, jazz and R&B
tracks that are well written, sang and produced. I'd recommend those of you out there
reading this to check HomemadeSoul out if you're looking for great soul singing and
smooth jazz-R&B sounds. - I Am Entertainment Magazine

"Mathew Sydney's Lake Worth Muse: Homemadesoul"

Mathew Sydney reports on the local independent music scene in "The Austin of South Florida: Lake Worth." This episode features music by soul singer, Homemadesoul - Blog Talk Radio

"The Glorious Return of Sweet Soul Music"

Soul is back! By "soul," I mean that classic sound of sweet keyboards, an angelic voice and songs about love that come straight from the heart.

On a Sunday night last month, there was a standing room only show at Beal Street Bottle Club in Fort Walton Beach. A gifted singer-songwriter with the stage name HomeMadeSoul hosted a Sunday Night Soul event to promote his latest CD. The club actually had to turn people away at the door because they reached their limit. (Did I mention it was a Sunday night?)

HomeMadeSoul grew up in a church family. His father was a preacher, and the family was very active in the church. Although his exposure to secular music was very limited until he was in his teens, music was always important in the family. He sang regularly in church and learned piano at nine years old.

When he got out of school, he joined the Air Force. It was in basic training in 2001 that he realized he wanted to play music professionally. His first assignment was in Montana where he met someone with recording equipment, and he began writing and recording his own music. It was also in Montana that he began performing professionally.

While stationed at Hurlburt with Red Horse, he met some friends who helped him focus on his music.Joe Caban had a few years of experience in the recording business and recognized the potential of HomeMadeSoul. Over the next few years, living in Japan while his wife finished her last Air Force assignment, HomeMadeSoul kept in touch with Caban and recorded more songs.

Between 2004 and 2009, they released the CDs. A little over a year ago, when HomeMadeSoul returned to the area, they formed a music production company (Jaryll Avid Corp) and released a CD last October, a compilation of new music and songs from previous recordings.

HomeMadeSoul was not the only artist at the Sunday Night Soul event. Before he took the stage, another young singer performed with a great backup band. Titus Tucker has one of those voices that demand your attention. Like HomeMadeSoul, you will be hearing a lot from Tucker in the future.

This evening of soul was more than music. Spoken word artists Niger, Weck and Tyrone Baker recited some of their work. The images they painted with their words fit well with the evening's music. Spoken word performances and poetry slams are popular in cities around the country, but they are just getting started here. If you think you don't like poetry, you must catch one of these performances-you will be blown away. There is as much soul in their words as there is in the music of HomeMadeSoul.

- The Beachcomber

"GANGSTA RAPPER COURT DOG IS “STEEL HERE” WITH FOURTH ALBUM “Steel Here,” the Soundtrack Set to Hit Stores Oct. 17"

For Immediate Release

“Steel Here,” the Soundtrack Set to Hit Stores Oct. 17

LOS ANGELES – Kansas City gangsta rapper Court Dog (ne’ Courtney Richardson II) is back with a vengeance with the release of his fourth album, appropriately titled “Steel Here,” set to hit stores on
October 17.

The gangsta rapper took some time off to dabble in filmmaking, and work on his pet project, STEEL HERE, an independent film he wrote, produced and scored. The film stars Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, comedian Katt Williams, and Mopreme Shakur, the brother of the late Tupac Shakur. Currently, preparations are being made for the film to make the rounds on the film festival circuit.

“I’m trying to follow the likes of Tupac, Will Smith and Ice Cube,” Court Dog said. “The music is still my passion, but there’s nothing wrong with diversifying the hustle,” he added.

And more about the music: Court Dog certainly got a little help from friends on his latest release. He tapped some of the most popular and prolific rappers in the industry to create a soundtrack that resonates the voice of the film.

Released on the rapper’s record label — D-Boy Records — "Steel Here," a movie soundtrack, features 19 tracks, including the single and video "Steel Here," performed by the rapper-turned-actor. The album contains new music from Bizzy Bone of the multi-platinum rap quintet, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony as well as Bushwick Bill from the legendary rap group The Geto Boys. “Steel Here” also features several prominent underground artists, including Suga Free, Brotha Lynch Hung, Gangsta Pat, S2theB, C.O. tha Bad Black, and Mopreme Shakur, the brother of the late Tupac Shakurs. Also, rapper and Atlantic Recording artist Guerilla Black makes his presence known on the soundtrack.

Interestingly, the soundtrack mixes it up with some of the most beautiful love songs R&B has to offer … thanks to neo soul artists Scripture "So Crazy" and HOMEMADESOUL "So Beautiful," along with up-and coming-songbirds, Jackie Rae "Freaky" and Katrina "Keep Quiet."
- Wyllisa Bennett, publicist 323.937.2400 office

"Homemade Soul to headline Bar Ocean View party Saturday"

Rhythm and blues singer Homemade Soul teams up with jazz singer and a pair of deejays to turn Saturday night at Bar Ocean View into A Night of Soul Old School Hip Hop and R&B entertainment.

Homemade Soul, fresh off an engagement at Kadena Air Base last weekend, shares the live stage with jazz and R&B singer Brian to offer something to suit everyone’s taste. Bar Ocean View, which lays claim to having the best hip hop and rhythm and blues music on Okinawa, is located at the corner of Gate 2 Street and Highway 330.

Deejays Satoru and Jon Jon will start the music flowing at 7:30 p.m., and on until midnight. MC Big Eazy, who’s co-hosting the party with Bar Ocean View, says the evening will be unique, with a combination of food, music and live entertainment on the first floor, and dominoes, spades and pool on the second level. He predicts a Night of Soul will be perfect for everyone, noting it “is not aimed at a particular group, but rather, all who feel grown up and sexy, no matter what their age.”

Admission is $10 or ¥1,000, and includes two free drinks and a variety of barbeque chicken and ribs, Cajun rice and Shrimp Po Boy sandwiches. While the show caps at midnight, the bar remains open well into the wee hours. Information and reservations in English is 090-5089-7208, while Japanese language reservations may be made at 090-2512-8026 - Japan Update

"Saving a yearly event"

Posted on Tue, Aug 28, 2007

By Gene Szostak; Editor

Shawn Johnson and Neil Brooks of West Oak Lane have been engaged in various efforts to help educate the public about the daily lives and challenges of the disabled.As representatives of the local recording company 'Hit House Entertainment' they have promoted and organized concerts to raise money for the filming of a documentary on people with disabilities. Together they have made recordings for Hit House and signed various artists to their label.

Johnson, who has Cerebral Palsy is also known on the local music scene as 'Handyman' a positive rapper who describes his life experiences as a handicapped man. Brooks, who handles much of the manging duties also has a disability, being diagnosed with a nerve condition some years ago. Both Johnson and Brooks have put out the word that they want the documentary to be aired to a large local audience when it is completed.

During the remainder of this summer, they are throwing a picnic, filled with both entertainment and food.

This is the American Disability Act Picnic, an annual event that was started 16 years ago by Liberty Resources, a non-profit organization that supports independent living for disabled people. For 15 years Liberty Resources had been running the event. However, last year due to a changed of location for its headquarters and other finances the organization was not able to fund this year's picnic.

AdvertisementSo Johnson (aka Handyman) was quite beside himself. Every year, the ADA picnic was something that Johnson had looked forward to. In fact, as a professional food service worker (his main occupation when not helping manage Hit House or peforming as 'Handyman') Johnson had catered the event several times, so he was quite disappointed when he thought that there most likely would not be an ADA picnic in 2007.

That was when Johnson teamed up with his Hit House partner Neil Brooks. Together the two men decided that Hit House Entertainment would be the new host of the ADA Picnic and would make it just as successful as when Liberty Resources had charge of it.

They did not waste time. Both Johnson and Brooks worked hard to gather together some of the best local talent in the tri-state area to entertain at this year's ADA Picnic.

Special performing guests at the picnic will be the legendary 'Phyllies Intruders.' Other performers will be Plan B (a live Special performing guests at the picnic will be the legendary 'Phyllies Intruders.' Other performers will be Plan B (a live Jazz Band), R&B singer Homemadesoul, singer Darlette Gayle, postive rapper 3-Ten, positive rapper Deazzy and Rocco a blind 10 year old who sings and plays the drums and piano.

There will also be an appearance by Missy Bell of the West Philadelphia Internet radio station (W.Phila.US) and promotions from radio station WURD.

Education as well as entertainment will also be a feature of the picnic. Jamie Wright, a disability advocate will speak about the American Disability Act and help to raise awareness of people with disabilities.

Other organizations that support the disabled have also been invited to speak. Johnson and Brooks are hoping to get people to come out and talk about such topics as: Therapeutic Care, Transportation, Accessible Restrooms, Possible Employmentm Job Discrimination, Educational Programs, Insurance Programs and other general support programs.

Aside from the musical entertainment, other acts such as poets, spoken word artists and comedians are planned as well.

So far, Johnson and Brooks have managed to get several important organizations to jump in and support their cause. Some willing sponsors are Clear Channel Radio Station, Liberty Resources, Carousel House, and WURD.

As of this writing and hopefully by people reading this article, they are hoping to gather more supporters as the picnic date draws closer.

© 2007 Journal Register Property. All Rights Reserved.
- West Oak Lane LEADER Paper



HOMEMADESOUL was born Curtis Clark Jr. in Philadelphia where his music interests began in the church atmosphere. Picking up the piano and vocals at an early age with influences including Musiq Soulchild, D'Angelo, Al Green, and Stevie Wonder. It was his personal mission to take these influences and mold his own soulful sound.His debut release, "Homemadesoul VOL.1." was released in 2006. In support of that release he has performed with the likes of The Phyllies Intruders and Bradford Marsalis. His credits include a placement of "I't So Beautiful" in the independent film, "Steel Here". Homemadesoul has also collaborated with Court Dog, Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs in Harmony, Scripture and Precise to name a few.Now down to the music. The collection of songs found on HOMEMADESOUL's Sonicbids EPK is proof that real R & B music is alive and well in Philly. "Love Song" begins with its neck swaying tempo and heartfelt delivered vocals. The Al Green influences are evident on this choice. The music to "Outro" drifts in under the radar of a message machine recording from his lady. This is another Green sounding song without any complaints. The background vocals are clever and effectively delivered. The instrumentals 071707 through 042807 are all good choices for movie or television music placement for a variety of shows. "Girlfriends" are you listening? A talented singer and writer HOMEMADESOUL is making Philadelphia proud. You can check out HOMEMADESOUL on video at http://sonicbids.com/HOMEMADESOUL. If you can catch him live by all means do so at any of the following venues:
Oct 26, 2007 Friday 6:00 PM Hit House Fundraiser @ The Shop Philadelphia, PA Oct 27, 2007 Saturday 6:00 PM PRIVATE Philadelphia, PANov 16, 2007 Friday 2:00 PM58th St. Presbyterian Homes Philadelphia, PA Nov 21, 2007 Wednesday 9:00 PMThe Art's Garage Philadelphia, PANov 28, 2007 Wednesday 8:00 PM La CarbonaraWashington, DC

"Urban Mainstream Artist Review"

http://www.UrbanMainstream.com/031 - Urban Mainstream Media Group, Inc



Single-Runaway-Single Release-July 2011
Single-Let's Stay Together-Sept. 6, 2011
Single-With My Lady-Nov. 1, 2011
Album-Inspired By A True Story Vol. 1- January 16, 2012
Single-Keep It Right Here (4 More Years)-April 17, 2012
Single-Babygirl- May 2012
Single-Sunday Morning-July 15, 2012
Album-The Collection-July 31, 2012

Streaming and Radio Play

With My Lady
Keep It Right Here



His soul music has captivated much of the Emerald Coast in Florida since he settled there back in 2009. In December 2011, Homemadesoul garnered award nominations in four categories for the local music publication, The Beachcomber. The following month, January 2012, he released a much anticipated EP titled Inspired By A True Story, which includes a song with a very famous song title, Heartbreak Hotel. Within that same month, Homemadesoul was selected to appear on the soundtrack of independent author, Amira Wilson's book titled, His Wife's Diary. All of this, and he still found time to record, collaborate and produce music for other artist.

The year was 2001, and Homemadesoul, then only known as Curtis Clark, was sitting in his house on the Malmstrom Air Force Base, in Montana, trying to think of a name that he could be known by. He needed something unique, yet simple. He began to think about the music he was starting to make, and how it was so original, close friends could not find a familiar sound within his music. It was fresh, yet old school. Then it hit him, original music from the soul…another word for original is homemade, so put the two together…Homemade Soul. Well after a few hours of wrangling, he decided to combine the two words, essentially creating his own new word which not only described his music, but also gave him his artist name. Homemadesoul

While serving in the Air Force, Homemadesoul found time to record, and produce his own music. He released his first ever project, Homemadesoul Vol. 1, to much good review. While traveling to Guatemala, Panama, Iraq, and Kuwait, he always seemed to find time to perform for any size of crowd. By the time Homemadesoul finished his six-year enlistment in 2007, he had amassed a small fan base all across the world. But he wasn't finished yet, there was still Japan.

Since 2001, Homemadesoul had seen many performing stages. He performed to a crowd of five at a gala during his time in Montana, and he performed to a massive military crowd when competing in talent competitions in Iraq and Kuwait. He even performed for thousands packed into an NBA regular season game at Continental Airlines Arena where the New Jersey Nets call home. None of those experiences prepared Homemadesoul for performing for over 10,000 Japanese citizens at an annual festival held in Okinawa, Japan in 2008. To sing for people who don't understand a word your saying, may seem nerve-wrecking. But once the music starts, it becomes the universal language.

Homemadesoul found himself performing in small Japanese jazz clubs, and weekend night clubs, all to further his craft or making and performing his music. When the local promoters needed entertainment for their events, they called on Homemadesoul. His three year stay in Japan, formed a bond between country and music artist, a bond that was still holding strong when Japan came knocking again in 2012.

Through all of his accomplishments, Homemadesoul continues to push for the best. It is no surprise that a Japanese distribution company offered Homemadesoul an exclusive distribution deal in early 2012. Not only that, but the company want to distribute the music Homemadesoul first created while he was still in the military. This speaks to the timeless quality of his music.

The new year of 2012 has been bright for Homemadesoul. Glowing reviews from prominent online publications, Soultracks, and The Singersroom, have boosted Homemadesoul visibility across the world. Radio stations around the world, online, and through traditional radio, are playing his music. In April 2012, Homemadesoul wrote and produced a song in support of the re-election campaign for President Barack Obama. This marks Homemadesoul's first ever public voice on anything political. Along with releasing new music, Homemadesoul has focused time on writing production music for television and film. With already a few placements under his belt, he seeks to offer more of his original soul to the licensing world. Through all of this, his goal is to remain humble, and to continue to share the gift God has given him. The possibilities for this soul artist is unlimited.