HOMEM MAU is a ROCK BAND whom have played with some of the most famous artists in Portugal and a few international bands. They have airplay in most Radio Stations and TV in Portugal, including MTV.


In 2004 they recorded their first demo which they distributed for free in the internet and in physical format as well.
Throughout the following years they have played shows all around Portugal with some famous artists in Portugal, such names as: Xutos e Pontapés, Jorge Palma, Clã, Mão Morta, Boss AC, Filarmónica Gil, Lulla Bye, Squeeze Theeze Pleeze, Jon Spencer or Expensive Soul.
They have played in some of the more emblematic venues in Portugal such as the Oporto Coliseum, Rivoli Theatre, Teatro Sá da Bandeira, Super Bock Venue and many “Queimas das Fitas”
Their first album “Pelo Lado de Dentro” was recorded with the producer Ivo Magalhães at the IM Estúdios, Porto, Portugal, and was mastered by Jens Bogren at the Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. Jens has worked with such bands as: Opeth, Katatonia, Deep Insight or Disco Ensemble.
Their first Album “Pelo Lado de Dentro” has been released in the 4th of october and their single “Nada Certo” has been for several weeks in the first place of the TOP’s of some Portuguese radios.
They've achieved airplay in most portuguese radios and Tv channels, including MTV.


2 themes in radio airpaly since 21st september - "Dizer Algo Bom" and "Nada Certo"

Album - "Pelo Lado de Dentro" - released at 4th of october 2009

Set List

We play around 1h lenght or 1:30min aproximately.

Nada certo,
Dono das palavras,
Dizer algo bom,
Pelo lado de dentro,
So ficou (o frio),
Entre muros,
Dentro do espelho,
Vícios Acabados,
Num novo dia.