Movements through the past MOvements through the present Movements through the future there are pauses, breaths, movements, elegance, anger, putrid things. Many songs move into the darkest corners of my mind, and the next emerges you into light. I am a voice from the past trying to wake up.


HOmer is Jesse Siegel, a boy with an old soul, a boy that grew up in the north of minnesota, among the birch trees, among the pine giants.
I have many influences, but major ones include nature, old time blues, Joanna Newsom, CocoRosie, Metallic Falcons..........
I would consider my music a prayer to the inner being, a soft and violent pull at the soul.. Voice from the darkness of the universe.
I have self taught myself in the realm of instruments, watched other play, taken bits from the sounds of nature, the silence of mutes.
sounds creepy and cheesy, But the seclusion of the sticks does that to people....:)


Self titled,. Self released album
i Record everything in the heart of my apartment.
Money comes short when your a youth worker.
Check me out at

Set List

i start things off slow and end with a steady rumble.
The only cover i have ever done is
"Metal Heart" -Catpower