Christian Music straight from the heart. Michael and Mary Damrow blend classic sounds with testimony and encouragement. Magnifying Jesus is their mission. Style: folk/rock


Michael and Mary Damrow were members of one of the first Jesus People rock bands, 'Sheep.' Travellingthe U.S., Europe and Scandinavia, the Damrows were committed to magnifying God in their music. They still are. Michaels musical stype has been compared to Tom petty, Bob Dylan and The Beatles. As a prolific songwriter, he has written songs for a musical performed in the pretegious west-end theatre district in London. Many bands have performed his songs. Mary is also a songwriter and a joyful communicator together they bring down home music that reaches the heart. After cassette projects, two albums and two CD projects, the Damrows offer their newest release, Homesick for Heaven for you edification.


Albums: Karitsat, "The Sheep"
Lonesome Stone

Many cassette projects.

CD's: Riding the Wave
Homesick for Heaven

Set List

Michael and Mary have sung on the street, in tent evivals, churches, at retreats, special events, outdoor concerts, etc. They are very adaptable and in most cases, are able to fit into the program you have planned. With many original songs to choose from and have performed cover songs when singing on the street.