BandHip Hop

2 Female Artists....performers...who sing, rap, dance, and speak poetry combined which makes the Hometeam. We bring a different flava to the rap industry.2 women, with a creative mindset and a new style puts us ahead of all the upcoming artists.


We sing, rap, dance, and speak poetry is that not a full package...Our style is not that of other artists when we step on stage we own the stage our performance is above superior, representing Atlanta and women from all different backgrounds.


Hometeam is currently known in the Atlanta area for our hit singles: "Downelink Freak" and "Choppas. Were recieving playtime at local gay/lesbian clubs in the Atlanta.

Set List

Hometeam is all about the crowd reaction. We make sure when we perform we put on a show. We open up with different dances, we get the crowd hyped. The energy we bring the audiences automatically feeds off of our enrgy. Our sets are very creative and we spend alot of time thinking of improvements and ways we can continue to make our fans happy.