Whitman, Massachusetts, USA

Hondo has just completed their new album Entertainment For Man And Horse; a pioneering effort in the genre of proto-western prog. rock fusing elements of Americana, Country, and Indie stylings with hot guitar and driving rhythms.


Hondo is a four piece band located in Massachusetts that has been performing together for over 10 years. Our music is derived from many influences but mainly would be classified as rock, indie rock, with some progressive elements. We often pick different themes to create an album around and currently we are promoting our new release - Entertainment For Horse And Man; a foray into Americana Indie Rock.


Entertainment For Man And Horse (2012) LP

The Feast Of The Mantis (2010) LP

Hondo Presents: Space Songs (2009) LP

Set List

1. Wheatfield Of My Love
2. New Girl
3. Shaker Ferry
4. Country
5. Aquarium
6. Monsanto Blues
7. The Trifecta
8. Put Your Finger In The Fuzz
9. Pattycake Jelly
10. Monster Rock Girl
11. Me And My Speedo