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"The surprising return of HONDONERO"

ZODIACO is HONDONERO’s second delivery for Flor y Nata Records, after acclaimed "SEÑALES" of 2006. On the road from the time enough like to have turned a solid and experienced band, the band from Málaga (South of Spain) offer a work to us that will surprise with new details since without separating from its roots pleasingly as group of rock and power pop made in Andalucia They show us an album that surprises with each new listening and that it catches to the listener by its amplitude of registries. To its habitual guitar pulsión they have added analogical sintethizers, acoustic guitars, samplers, sítars, harmonicas and incredible refrains completing a work full of good music and wonderful songs.
The good creative moment of HONDONERO is reflected in this ZODIACO, in which far from falling in the routine, they explore new registries and shades coming from the listening of Fountains of Wayne, Tom Petty, Gigolo Aunts, Jeevas, The Cars or Cheap Trick.

Every song, a new surprise

Nobody that listens to "90 Grados" – First hit single- will be able to avoid to tararear its enthusiastic, power and contagious refrain; to let itself surround by the synthesized load of the implacable rock of "Zodiaco"; to inhale the cosmic aromas of "Gurú" or "Ritual"; to dance to the rate of tense pop power of "Angel" or "Hacer siempre lo mismo"; to let itself take by sweeping instruments "Blues Explosion"; or to be surprised with the climate "to clubber" of "Crybaby"; until a that new acoustic facet which they develop in skillful "Mar de dudas" or felt "Casi Todo" seems a suit to size for the quartet.

Recorded at los Audiogest estudios in Antequera (Málaga) by José Quintana, band drummer, so perflectly knower of his sound & mastered in Audiomatic (Madrid) by Jose Mª Rosillo, (Amaral, Los Ronaldos, Deluxe, Sunday Drivers, etc...) thar also worked in the last CD “SEÑALES”.
At this CD we can find some colaborations. Manolo Bertrán give his voice at “Mar de dudas“ (It was a great pleasure for HONDONERO the presence of DR. DIVAGO singer), and Charly Rompeharmónicas (Hairy Nipples) that play live with the band and at “Blues Explosion”.

“ZODIACO, 12 songs, 12 jewels”.
- Promo Flory nata records label.


Lp. TENSION - Records Cambaya 1992
  CD. Salto al vacio - Records submarine (1997)
  CD. Club blacksoul's - Sonic Titan "The Devil (2000)
  CD. SEÑALES - Flor y Nata Records (2006)
  CD. ZodiacO - Flor y Nata Records (2008)

  EP "7" "The South Also Exists" (1995) (Hondonero / PESADILLA ELECTRONICA).
  CD-EP - Electric Raga. 2005 (Sonic Titan)

  Video clips:
  Salto al vacio (1998). Directed by by Peter Temboury.
  SiEÑALES (2005). Directed by Martin Ellerbeck.
  SANGRE Y ROSAS (2006). Directed by by Mongole
  ZODIACO (2008). Directed by Martin XM.
  CRYBABY (2009). Directed by Martin XM.

  Shared albums:
  Lp. VV.AA Compilation "Screamin '& shoutin' SUBTERFUGE (1993)
  Compilation cassette Effervescent pop "Music at B & N (1994)
  CD. VV.AA Compilation "La Movida - Amigos de lo ajeno" theme: "Mas vale ser punk que maricón de playas." "PUSSYCATS RECORDS. (1997)
  CD. VV.AA Compilation - COL 46 - The Local Board (Mataró-Barcelona) Item: Salto al vacio. The Col Records (1997)
  CD. VV.AA Compilation - Don Diablo I. Theme: Pasajeros. Distribution devil.
  CD. VV.AA Compilation - BOQUERONES SOLIDARIOS 2000. Málaga Council Youth Service. Topic: Club blacksoul's.
  CD. VV.AA Compilation - "Canciones de Cuna y rabia - Tribute to 091". Criminal Records 2002. Topic: "En el laberinto".
  CD. Tentaciones Indies VV.AA Collection - Themes. "Reflejos" and "La ruleta de mi corazón." Flor y Nata Records 2007.



Talk about Hondonero is talking about the veneration of the rock and the European fascination with the strongest powerpop bands across the Atlantic (USA). The stability of its formation, the cunning of knowing where to turn, the classes of other teachers in his stage and many details have resulted in Zodiac (2009), the second album by the band for the label Barcelona Flor y Nata Records and a great leap in quality that is opening many doors.

  The group of Malaga, combine tradition and modernity demonstrates a clear evolutionary vocation that transcends the usual theme of a rock band, because without departing from its roots as a group of rock and power pop made from Andalusia exudes an incredible sound of each new listener and grabs the listener by its breadth of records. In his usual guitar sitar add unit, analog synthesizers, acoustic guitars, drum machine, harmonized choruses and incredible in a compendium of good music and great songs.

  In fact, this year 2009 their sound has jumped borders and Hondonero were selected and participated in the 7th edition of the Festival International Pop Overthrow, better known as IPO, its European version, which takes place annually in the English city of Liverpool. The I.P.O. is a traveling festival, based in Los Angeles (California), where is your organizer David Bash, who personally contacted Hondonero to give two concerts that took place last May 21. The scenarios are played at the legendary Hondonero The Cavern Club (the world-famous as the place where The Beatles played many times), specifically to 19,45 h. were in the Fronstage and 23 h. backstage common scenario in the next room, all with a proven success, you can read his article in the blog on their MySpace page.

  Summing up his story, after hitting and throwing in the 90s to record three albums as Combodio Records, Submarine Records (Santander) and Sonic Titan (Malaga) were signed in 2006 by the Flor y Nata Records label from Barcelona, who have published even when their two most successful albums: Signs (2006) and Zodiac (2008).
  The group currently consists of brothers Matthew: Juan Antonio (voice, guitar and sitar), Jose Manuel (bass and vocals) and George (guitar), and Manu Wardrobe (drums) and David Perez (synthesizer, vocals). Live musicians accompanying support as Charly Rompeharmónicas (harmonica), when the occasion requires.

  His MySpace page (www.myspace.com / Hondonero) accumulated more than 50,000 hits, one of the most visited of Malaga. TV and radio channels like Sun Music, TV2 (Los Conciertos de Radio 3), RNE-3, Canal Sur RTVA (Festival of Television), Canal Fiesta Radio (more than two months on the list with his song "Signs") have supported the band since its inception. Also almost every national music publications have commented on their records and have been interviewed (Route 66, Mondo Sonoro, Popular 1, Rock is Roll, EFE EME, etc.) that have been in the first months of this year 2009 three months consecutive terms in office no 2. Madrid lists of publications of magazines LH.

  Another feature is its high video production group, as until now accumulate five video clips recorded and broadcast on televisions across the state and that, logically, can be viewed on YouTube, MySpace, etc., directed by award-winning filmmakers underground as Peter Temboury (Malaga) or Dr. Mongole (Valencia), as Ellerback Martin International (UK) or emerging local artists, such as video-jockey Martin XM.