Honest Engine

Honest Engine


Pop Punk, melodic enough to remember and intricate enough to become a dedicated listener. Energetic show, perfectly reproducing the record while keeping each performance personal.


Honest Engine, from Warrington, PA is a recording project turned live-act, resulting from the death of the band The Emphasis. Our influences are what keep us awake at night and moving foward every day. Honest Engine are a self contained production, from conception to final product, distribution, booking performing and management. Making nothing but progress in the past year since formation, while continuing to perform, Honest Engine is hard at work on their first full-length, due early 2007...


Honest Engine- "No Small Tragedies" 6 song EP
Released: May, 2005
Written/Performed/Recorded/Produced/Distributed by Honest Engine
1. How Soon We Forget
2. Rubber Band
3. Killer Bee(myspace.com/honestengine)
4. Amazing Grace(myspace.com/honestengine)
5. Dying Tooth(myspace.com/honestengine)
6. Honest Engine

Set List

Our set list is our record front to back in-order, though slightly faster live, from 17:32 to 15-16 min. We sometimes do a cover, right now it's "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson.