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The best kept secret in music


"Honest Pod: Back to the days of Sonic Youth, with a smile"

I hung out in Decatur a while back with my friend Josie, and while I was there, I met this dude Ian, who I later found out was the drummer for a local band called Honest Pod.

“Honest Pod? Hey, you guys played a show with my boyfriend’s band Soulmine before, didn’t you?” I asked. He got a big smile on his face and says “Yeah, I think so.”

We talked about music all night and early into the morning. I told him before I left that I’d check his band out.

Well, it’s only been about six months now, but hey, better late than never, right?

Honest Pod is Ian Hoerr – drums, Jeremy Anderson – lead guitar, Dan Cordray – bass, vocals and Shane Arden – lead vocals, guitar. They are a local four-piece (they got themselves a new guitarist, Jeremy) local 'rock' band from Decatur. Their new CD, Seven On My Side, is, well, actually a really good CD.

I even listened to it at work and no one got mad!

But first, I want to tell you a little bit about the guys of Honest Pod. When I first met Ian and found out he was drumming for a band, I almost instantly knew I would probably like the music he is a part of creating because of the manner in which this guy presented himself with and his knowledge and particular taste in music. He definitely seemed to be an individual, which is something I highly respect.

Now for the band as a whole (I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the rest of the band members yet), they were awarded the 2000 B.E.A.M. Music Grant sponsored by Jim Beam for their efforts in helping to create a viable music community here in Central Illinois.

What’s cool about this is that the Jim Beam Bourbon’s Benefiting Emerging Artists in Music (BEAM) awarded Honest Pod $1,800. Honest Pod was one of more than 200 bands and musicians who applied for BEAM grants, which are awarded three times a year.

The band released their first disc, HADTABOB in February of 2000, which helped them build a local fanbase, radio play, numerous record reviews, as well as a production deal with Paradise Alley Producitons.

7 On My Side, the new record from Honest Pod, was recorded mixed and produced by Dale Penner (Nickelback, The Red King) for Paradise Alley Productions, Ltd.

Honest Pod has also performed in cities across the Midwest, from Milwaukee to Houston, sharing the stage with national acts such as Mudvayne, Soil, V-Shape Mind, King’s X, The Pimps and Enuff-z-Nuff and more local acts such as Taxi War Dance, Pork Chop Shifter, Clone, Lidlifter, Tubring, Stereotype and Soulmine.

That alone is just something, if I were in their shoes, couldn’t help but being proud of.

Now, about the album.

The very beginning of the opening song, Vertigone, kind of reminds me of Tool’s Message From Harry Manback in English, then goes right into a guitar riff that for some reason again, reminds me of an 8 Stops 7 song. But don't, just because it sparks a memory of another song by a totally different band, doesn't mean Honest Pod's music reflect these bands in anyway.

The next song and first single, Apathena, is just as good as the first one. I love the guitar parts and solo in this song. The song has very clean, melodic vocals, awesome drumbeats and beautiful guitar riffs.

Another song, The Little things, has some Candlebox sound to it but still stands as it’s own.

The last part on The Little Things puzzles me though. Just as you think the song is over, here come these unexpected fat rap beats that you would think Eminem got a hold of and put his own ‘signature’ sound on it. If Honest Pod wanted an eyebrow raiser with this, they got one, which I thought was a perfect touch.

The last song, Saturn Return, is probably one of my favorite songs on this CD. The tune is sort of soft and slow, which I think is a perfect way to end a well put together album. This song has a lot of soul to it. I could definitely see myself driving my car and singing along with this tune, or sitting in my room memorizing every vocal attack that this guys' breath has mustered.

Most of these songs take me back in the day when I was 12, listening to Sponge, Sonic Youth, Greenday, Pearl Jam, Metallica and Everclear. So in other words, Honest Pod's music takes me back to those days, which always puts a smile on my face. And though Honest Pods’ music is a little bit harder than some of these bands, they are a band on my list I definitely would keep my eye out for.

The music: very honest (no pun intended), emotional, crisp, and clean with smooth vocals, awesome bass work, heavy guitar riffs and high-energy percussion.

The best quality about this band is that they are not just another rip off band putting out material that people will stop and say to themselves “Haven't I heard this same ole’ crap before?”

They’re not a band that is going to create something that sounds the same as everything else out there, then have the nerve to say that they are “original.” Honest Pod has put together a very good and honest album that can evok - The Newsprogres - By Rachael Van Dyke


Honest Pod's name rings true as odd as it may sound, the bands music is close knit like a pod and does contain a considerable amount of honesty.

Bass heavy grooves drive forward songs which can sound anywhere from Staind to The Groovenics. Sometimes there's funk while at other's there's soulful wailing, yet at all times it doesn't sound scattered or outlandish, instead its potency is quite concentrated and this is something that gives the band an edge.

There's elements of influences as diverse as emo, rock, metal, alt-rock, rap, funk and a slew of others, and it mixed quite solidly.

Vocally the CD features a talented performance, melodically there's some distinct ties with Staind's Aaron Lewis but this is only one path that the vocals can escape through the speakers. There's bellowing death metal growls, playful rap and a few other techniques that are tossed in and keep things on a constantly shifting voyage. A lot of emotion is exuded through the vocals whether it be through excited raps, tortured screams or crooned lyrical content and overall the range displayed is quite impressive.

Guitars seem to fit with a modest tuning and a crisply warm distortion that smears itself over the spiky riffs that experiment with earthly tones and solid riffs. There's a few times when fretboard exploration comes into play with tripped out plucking, yet it goes nowhere near the more common approach of a Rage Against The Machine sound, instead it stays very grounded.

Inspiration as a whole seems to draw a lot from a hybrid of grunge meets nu metal and the intelligence shown and ability to not go overboard with flashy elements gives the band a natural appeal.

Bass is downtuned a bit and rumbles throughout the bottom, constantly shoving the songs onward and laying down loose heavy grooves that seem to end up in a neck and neck race with the guitar. At most times the deeper notes plod out enjoyable scale progressions that mimic the guitar, and yet contrast enough from the brisk sound of it to stick out enough to be noticeable. There's quite a few enjoyable basslines laid down here and even some slap and pop, but the restrained nature in place as a whole shows seasoned maturity.

Drums can feel a bit thin at times but still manage to thrash out some well placed beats with their dull snare sound and consistently visible cymbal work. A lot of snare variation is exercised and rather than barreling out tom rolls, cymbal work is usually favored in its place, and although this provides for some fast paced beats, it can feel a bit hollow.

The bands music is fairly diverse and has depth to it, they manage to cram a lot of influences and techniques in the albums 9 songs sounding like rougher versions of groups like Staind, A Perfect Circle and The Groovenics.

There's a great deal of talent shown in the music and an undeniable charm to it, yet the bands real power lies in their more melodic ventures in which they sound like a laid back version of heavy emo. Still this is also something that can detract from the release, there's a lot of playfulness at times and it can feel like they are still testing the waters on just exactly where they are wanting to head as some songs are hits and others are misses, with a bit of tightening up and a more acute focus the band could easily become a big contender.

Honest Pod document on this release that they can challenge a variety of genre's and meld them together as separate packages, with melodically heavy rhythms and playfully catchy alt rock styled songs being mixed in with conservative rapcore, but a touch more continuity and seriousness could fortify their music into something that would easily blow away anything put down on this release.
(3.5 / 5)


Honest Pod
1. Ghetto Push
2. Me And The Fat Kid
3. To A Former Friend
4. Drop Dead Fred
5. Who U Wanna B
6. Seventh Day Adventist
7. Goodnight Janet
8. Hadtabob
9. Saturn Return

Honest Pod's Official Website

- theprp.com


5 Stars

Like catching air on your snowboard, this soaring, tumbling heavy modern rock sweeps underneath you and sends you somersaulting, head over heels through your mind.

With gritty influences from bands like Creed, Nickelback, Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age, they take a massive tapestry of sound, layered with grinding guitars and propelled by kinetic, driving rhythms that push the borders of control.

An athlete in pure, heavy rock this band fills up every corner of silence with a fully-saturating, impenetrable wall of sound. - CD Baby.com - Reviewer


HADTABOB - 9 Song CD - Indep. Release : Jan. 2000

SEVEN ON MY SIDE - 7 Song CD - Indep. Release : May 2003 : Produced by Dale Penner (Nickelback-The State, Holly McNarland, Econoline Crsuh) for Paradise Alley Productions.

Singles : From Seven On My Side

1) Vertigone : 5 Weeks #1 on WQZL 92.7 Active Rock Radio : Added to playlist Nov. 2003

2) Apathena : 8 Weeks #1 on WQLZ 92.7 Active Rock Radio : Added to playlist Nov. 2003

3) A.D.M. : 10 Weeks #1 on Wqlz Active Rock Radio

4) Crackhead : Current #1 Single (2 Weeks) Not available on CD : New Track from Demo Sessions.

Seven On My Side remains as one of the Editor's TOP Rock CD's on CD Baby.com


Near Life Experience - 12 Brand New Songs


Feeling a bit camera shy


HONEST POD - Near Life Experience

Honest Pod is part of a new standard of music for which all rock bands should adhere to; their brand of intelligent, dynamic, multi-faceted music, transcends boundaries and labels by embracing and morphing many music genres, thereby appealing to all peoples, regardless of age, race, or religion (a much need necessity today with so many clones polluting the music gene pool).

February 2000 saw the release of the first Honest Pod disc, “Hadtabob”, which helped secure a loyal local fanbase, as well as a production deal with Dale Penner of Paradise Alley Productions (Nickelback, Econoline Crush). During the summer of 2002, the band entered Pogo Studios in Champaign, IL (Hum, Shiner) with Dale to record “Seven On My Side”, a seven song e.p. with two songs produced by the band.

“Seven On My Side” has birthed four #1 singles on Active Rock Radio (WQLZ 92.7) with the first single, “Apathena”, put into regular rotation. With a multitude of positive reviews under it’s belt, the disc continues to be one of the Editor’s Top Rock picks on CDBABY.com and has gained the band a world wide fanbase.

Honest Pod is not a pre-fab rock band with a clever wardrobe, writing about fictitious pain and suffering while trying to cash in on teen angst and innovative marketing plans; their music illustrates the dichotomy and irony of life (beauty and ugliness, love and hate, compassion and intolerance) that we all witness every day.

With fluid vocal passages, concise guitar melodies, seamless bass lines, and high energy percussion, this band is truly a musical dynamo with a sound that can only be described as “real”. They don’t just come to play; when this band hits the stage, it’s time for a show!