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Honest Pod


HONEST POD is an athlete in pure heavy rock music. This band fills up every corner of silence with a fully-saturating, impenetrable wall of sound. A massive tapestry of sonic textures, layered with grinding guitars and propelled by kinetic, driving rhythms that push the borders of control


HONEST POD - Near Life Experience

Honest Pod is part of a new standard of music for which all rock bands should adhere to; their brand of intelligent, dynamic, multi-faceted music, transcends boundaries and labels by embracing and morphing many music genres, thereby appealing to all peoples, regardless of age, race, or religion (a much need necessity today with so many clones polluting the music gene pool).

February 2000 saw the release of the first Honest Pod disc, “Hadtabob”, which helped secure a loyal local fanbase, as well as a production deal with Dale Penner of Paradise Alley Productions (Nickelback, Econoline Crush). During the summer of 2002, the band entered Pogo Studios in Champaign, IL (Hum, Shiner) with Dale to record “Seven On My Side”, a seven song e.p. with two songs produced by the band.

“Seven On My Side” has birthed four #1 singles on Active Rock Radio (WQLZ 92.7) with the first single, “Apathena”, put into regular rotation. With a multitude of positive reviews under it’s belt, the disc continues to be one of the Editor’s Top Rock picks on CDBABY.com and has gained the band a world wide fanbase.

Honest Pod is not a pre-fab rock band with a clever wardrobe, writing about fictitious pain and suffering while trying to cash in on teen angst and innovative marketing plans; their music illustrates the dichotomy and irony of life (beauty and ugliness, love and hate, compassion and intolerance) that we all witness every day.

With fluid vocal passages, concise guitar melodies, seamless bass lines, and high energy percussion, this band is truly a musical dynamo with a sound that can only be described as “real”. They don’t just come to play; when this band hits the stage, it’s time for a show!


HADTABOB - 9 Song CD - Indep. Release : Jan. 2000

SEVEN ON MY SIDE - 7 Song CD - Indep. Release : May 2003 : Produced by Dale Penner (Nickelback-The State, Holly McNarland, Econoline Crsuh) for Paradise Alley Productions.

Singles : From Seven On My Side

1) Vertigone : 5 Weeks #1 on WQZL 92.7 Active Rock Radio : Added to playlist Nov. 2003

2) Apathena : 8 Weeks #1 on WQLZ 92.7 Active Rock Radio : Added to playlist Nov. 2003

3) A.D.M. : 10 Weeks #1 on Wqlz Active Rock Radio

4) Crackhead : Current #1 Single (2 Weeks) Not available on CD : New Track from Demo Sessions.

Seven On My Side remains as one of the Editor's TOP Rock CD's on CD Baby.com


Near Life Experience - 12 Brand New Songs

Set List

Waiting for Love
Walking in My Shoes

Call Me (Blondie Cover)
King Me

Saturn Return
Emd of Summer (Cover)

Let's Go Crazy (Prince)

Emo Duffy Rides Again
The Little Things
Big Bikes (Cover from Kyuss - very energentic ending)

We usually do 3 band bills with 45 minute sets. Each band playing one set; however, we have enough material to do a two hour + set - mixing originals and covers.