Honey bee

Honey bee


This is a mainstreem POP Band. Must Listen! We win almost all competitions... More: www.myspace.com/honeybeehungary www.honeybee.hu


A handful of experienced musicians who had been playing together for many years - decided to finally work on their own ideas and write their own songs from February, 2005. Despite the fact that Honeybee is an upcoming band, it has already been invited to the most relevant local festivals, like SZIGET festival and was rated one of the best performing groups on the Hungarian Jim Beam Talented Bands Competition and on the Austrian Band Contest. We won the Hungarian WAN2 award, and the internationally Heineken Thirst Studio Contest! ,

The group has performed some of their songs live on several radio stations, which is most peculiar in Hungary, and it seems that the unplugged versions of the songs are as good or even better, than the electronic versions that can be heard on the demo. The band is continuously writing songs mainly in electro-rock style for their debut album (due this autumn). Besides performing their own songs on concerts, they still do some covers from their favorite artists such as Alanis Morisette, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Macy Gray, etc...
Although the lyrics of the songs are without exception in English, as the singer is Australian, the band can create a really exciting atmosphere a for the non-English speaking audience, too.


Darkness Falls

Written By: Anett Tatar

She was on a crowded bus
When someone glanced at her
What a perfect fool
She acted cool
She didn’t seem concerned

He noticed her the next day
But she turned her head away
I can still recall the stranger say:

Hayayayayayayayaya ooh
Tell me why you’re acting
Like a fool
Hayayayayayayayaya ooh
Tell me why you’re trying
To be cool

She regrets pretending not to see
The handsome guy
Now she really misses him
And every night she cries:
Darkness falls, and I feel sad
And lonely without you
Tell me why you made me feel so blue


Now in studio!

Some of our songs was played some Hungarian, and other countries radio!

Set List

Typically do 1 or 1 and 1/2 hours set . An eclectic mix of originals, and 2 or 3 familiar covers. Covering songs of Alanis Morisette, Macy Gray, RHCP, Covers are always a bit more obscure and the sets are mixed up in style, tempo and key to add and keep interest. The music fits so many different musical tastes making Honey bee a great fit for a wide variety of venues and audiences.