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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Los Angeles, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
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"honeychain breaks the sound and style barrier"

honeychain breaks the sound and style barrier on their most recent release “FUTURA”. This infectious EP of punk soaked garage-pop has an enormous sound that shrouds the listener in a flurry of electric guitars, sexy vocals, and relentless rocking beats. Even more impressive is that band founder Hillary Burton wrote all of the songs and plays every instrument on this showcase of premium Los Angelian rock n roll. A razor edged prowess that constructs songs into anthems shines through these five tracks of love, regret, and clever observation. Life in the big city and its sometimes-seedy beaches takes on a new meaning when turned into sonic blasts, cunning jolts that riff the nuances of Southern California perfectly.
With the bite of The Pandoras and the class of The Primitives, opening track “The All-About Me Girl” grooves on a kickass chord progression that hits hard while igniting the senses with a crisp chorus that addresses that self-absorbed someone we all know, that gives us the brush. “Easy to Forget” follows with an indictment of the wannabe narcissist in our lives. If Susanna Hoffs sung for the Ramones, it might sound something like this. The pristine grittiness of the mid-tempo ballad “Two Fools” has a classic picked apart power-chord flow that lets the choruses come crashing in while the beach-drenched melody pours slowly but surely.

The smash hit off this short but sweet collection is the frenzied and seriously fun “Lucky One”. Fast and scattered guitar licks compliment the intense songwriting. This tune will definitely turn some heads. Shamelessly catchy and relentless in its energy, you’ll have this one on repeat for quite some time. Closing out the idiosyncratic festivities is a Ronettes inspired number that surely knows how to make dynamics and mood swings co-exist. “Than You” is a perfect closer and contains my favorite lyrics penned by Hillary. She exclaims, “I'M YOUR BIG DISASTER - OF A HAPPILY EVER AFTER, I WISH THAT I COULD FLEE (ME)”. Now that is a train of thought I can always relate to and that’s what makes for the best rock n roll.

honeychain became a full on band shortly after this recording. They are currently working on a new recording with the legendary Kim Shattuck (of Muffs fame) producing. If that wasn’t enough, they are also invading the International Pop Overthrow Festival in L.A. this summer. Very worth your while…

-Kevin McGovern - Fear & Loathing in Long Beach

"impossible to listen to without referencing the awesomeness that is The Muffs"

By Rich Cocksedge

The version of honeychain responsible for this five track EP that saw the light of day at the start of 2013 was basically a one woman show with that woman being Hillary Burton, most recently to be found in the duo, Nushu. The five tracks featured on this debut release are impossible to listen to without referencing the awesomeness that is The Muffs, in that there is that same amount of grit added to a highly enjoyable poppy-punk delivery.

Musically this is straight up power-pop that a) finds the sweet spot and hits it over and over for almost sixteen minutes and b) highlights the obvious talents of Burton, who has only had help with backing vocals on this release. The EP fires into life with “The All-About-Me Girl”, a tale of lost friendship that brings to mind The Bangles and The Go-Go’s in addition to The Muffs.

“Easy To Forget” maintains that sweet sounding guitar but within the chorus it has qualities reminiscent of some of the Sixties girl groups as it seems to be layered to add some depth to the song. “Two Fools” doesn’t stray too far from what is a formula that suits Burton and the songs she has written for this release although it does slow the mood down a bit for the verses in preparation for a bigger sounding chorus.

The final track “Than You” again shows how Burton has the ability to build a layered song that almost wraps the listener up in a comfort blanket, with a lush sound that ends with one final chord left ringing from the guitar; ringing as if it’s about to make a delayed return but never actually doing so.

Since the recording and release of this EP Burton has formed a full on band which is currently in the process of writing and recording another handful of songs for a second EP; although as a patient man, I’m happy to just have these first five songs fizzing around in my head for now, but this will only serve to build my anticipation for the follow-up. For those who have the opportunity to catch the full band live then I urge you to do so. - Sugarbuzz Magazine

"the hooks come at you non-stop"

honeychain, Futura: This one takes a trip to 1979 and wraps Blondie, The Ramones, The Buzzcocks, The Go-Go’s and countless other kindred spirits from back in that day around Hillary Burton’s capable hands. The sound nevertheless always remains contemporary. The hooks on this five-song EP come at you non-stop, often launched by pummeling percussion, driving bass and equally hammering guitars. - Pop that goes crunch

"No. 37 on Jack Rabid's top 40 (The Bigtakeover, issue 72)"

Even without her Nushu partner Lisa Mychols, Hillary Burton has no problem upholding the brilliant joy, boisterous bubble, and churning power-pop perspiration of the L.A. fab femme duo’s Hula LP (2010) and last year’s Joystick covers EP. Like Joystick only self-penned, her solo FUTURA might be better titled Past; the influences of the early, when-they-were-good Bangs/Bangles, The Muffs, Wednesday Week, and ’60s radio pop still ruled the roost, but with these kind of melodic flurries, meaty riffs, and girl-group drama lyrics, the old dog formula feels forever, not forgotten. Within the cascading voices of the closing “Than You,” there’s even a click in Burton’s voice that compares satisfactorily with Sandie Shaw and Cilla Black, an apprehensive vulnerability/hurt providing catchy contrast to the thicker guitars and crash cymbals bursting like 4th of July sparklers behind her resigned, “No one ever seems to be better for me/Than you. And her jubilant hooks throughout, like the clever kiss-off standout “[You’re] Easy to Forget,” cling like glue traps. More, more, more! (honeychainmusic.com) " - Jack Rabid, Big Takeover Magazine - The Big Takeover

"FUTURA review by Something Else!"

Recorded early in the year, Futura was initially intended to be a solo effort by Hillary Burton, who garnered accolades as one-half of the Southern California based Nushu, which also included Lisa Mychols. But shortly after the project was completed, Honeychain ballooned into a full-blown band, cemented by guitarist Milan Mandic, drummer John Borack, and Emma Jenson on bass and background vocals.
A five-track EP, Futura (www.honeychainmusic.com) is a power pop connoisseur’s passport to utopia. Boasting a thick and compact sound, the disc rocks like an earthquake to a vibrant rhythm charge.

Fired by sugar-ingested energy, cuts such as “Two Fools,” “Easy To Forget,” “The All-About-Me Girl” and “Lucky One” (featuring Lauren Doran and Christina Ownby on harmonies) kick the listener in the head and in the gut first time around. Buzzing guitars intertwined with hills of hooks and fresh and fluid vocals make the songs immediately memorable. The final tune on the record, “Than You” is performed at a slower tempo, but still retains a fetching edge.

All songs, which speak of challenging relationships in a most emphatic manner, were written by Hillary. She further sings lead on all the tracks and plays all the instruments, allowing Futura to share her numerous talents.

Forceful, lively and pop rocking to the core, here’s a disc sure to satisfy those appreciative of a good beat. Shades of the Ramones, Blondie, and the Knack regularly rise up through the grooves, but the attitude and delivery of the songs rest in the present.

The only problem with Futura is that it’s only an EP, giving us just a quick earful of greatness. But that will soon change, as we can certainly expect more cool stuff from honeychain in the days to come. Utterly excellent!

Beverly Paterson - Something Else!

"a power pop force to be reckoned with"

honeychain is the current project helmed by the multi-talented Hillary Burton, late of the L.A.-based power pop outfit Nushu. On "Futura," honeychain's debut 5-songer, Burton steps out and handles everything (vocals, guitar, bass, drums and piano) herself, save for backing vox on one song. In lesser hands, this DIY approach could have come off as little more than a stilted vanity project, but Burton's instrumental and vocal prowess, the spirited performances, and her uniformly excellent tunes all gloriously transcend the stereotypical "one woman band" label and prove her to be a power pop force to be reckoned with. (Sound-wise, it's not unlike the Go-Go's hanging out in the garage with the Muffs, with the Ramones looking on approvingly.) Each of the five tunes of "Futura" is a hook-filled treat, with the sugar-sweet melodies, spiky guitars and brisk pace of "Easy to Forget" and "Lucky One" sitting nicely alongside moodier numbers such as the romantic "Two Fools" and the deeply personal "Than You," which is highlighted by an explosive, swirling chorus. The leadoff track, "The All-About-Me-Girl," pulls off the difficult feat of sounding simultaneously sing-songy and tough, with Burton's grinding guitar and insistent kick drum helping to power the aural kiss-off. "Futura" is an outstanding first step for Hillary Burton and honeychain, and definitely leaves the listener wanting more. John M. Borack - Goldmine Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



honeychain is the sound of chaotic romance, in-your-face garage pop swagger, and hypnotic heartbreak. With a sound soaked in bittersweet alternative rock and sun drenched punky power pop, this Los Angeles based formidable threesome have received a number of stellar reviews from music fans and music critics alike along with radio airplay on numerous college and independent stations, Little Steven's Underground Garage and by Rodney Bingenheimer on his Rodney on the ROQ show on KROQ.
honeychain is the brainchild of charismatic front-woman Hillary Burton. What once was a solo project for Hillary (playing every single instrument on their debut Futura), turned into a full fledged band three years ago. Burton's compositions combine the classic sophistication of the Shangri-La's with the introspective jaggedness of the Buzzcocks. The band's bright and bombastic sound has been featured on Oxygen's BEST INK and the season 17 premier of The Bad Girls Club that aired on February 14, 2017. The band continues to grow their worldwide following while constantly setting the bar higher for themselves.
LA Weekly Best of LA: "Best Pop-Punk Band: Honeychain" “Think 90s acts such as Letters to Cleo and Veruca Salt and mix them up with The Muffs along with a dash of Blondie and you are not too far off the mark” — Punk Rock Theory  

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