Honey Chamber

Honey Chamber


Melodic indie rock


Growing up listening to Guided by Voices, Echo and the Bunnymen and The Band really leaves a mark on young men.
Pulling inspiration from the hard work of their influences Honey Chamber is interested in playing music they would want to listen to at home rather than concocting an image to sell.
Their down-to-earth demeanor is magnified by the music they play. Easy going and organic, they have become a favorite in the local scene: receiving press coverage by local and regional media, FM radio play, support from a local record label and gig offers weekly all over the state of Florida.
They are looking forward to releasing their second full length album, Discount Hi-Fi and launching a tour to promote it this year.


"Bridge To Homesick" LP 2009
"Discount Hi-Fi" LP 2010

Set List

A typical set is anywhere from 25-45 minutes long, playing all original material.