HONEYDRIVER performance side effects may include tappin' feet and smiles on faces of audience members. They have over ten years of experience in the local maritime music scene. Their unique outlooks on music and broad range of styles, create a cohesive and balanced feel to their originality.


HONEYDRIVER formed at Acadia University in 2004. Their debut Album "Honeydriver" will be released September 2007. The group plans on touring extensively to promote the album. Earlier original material has already endured international airplay on radio in Europe and Canada.


Honeydriver L.P. (Fall, 2007)
-->Includes the 2 singles "Few Dollar Bills" and "Lil Dreamer" (pending grant from Videofact for possible music video).

Brendan Croskerry- Jose Carleando L.P. (2007)
--> Hit single "Superman's on Holidays" Available on the compilation album "Disco Estrella 2007" annually the highest selling compilation record in Spain, Poland, Russia and the Czeck Repulic. Currently recieving international airplay on Los Cuarenta Principales throughout Europe. Music video is streaming on M6 France channel TF1, as of October 1st.

Brendan Croskerry - Tapas E.P. (2005)
-->All tracks recieved airplay on CBC's Atlantic Airwaves, CKDU DAL 97.5 FM, as well as Spain's Cuarenta Principales and Germany's RTV Stuttgart

Brendan Croskerry - Tapas (EP) 2005

Set List

Honeydriver can perform an energetic repetoire which can last over 2 hours.

Family Man - Honeydriver
Flyin' Blind - Honeydriver
Someone so cool - Honeydriver
4 or 5 Colts - Honeydriver
B-Baby - Honeydriver
The Farm - Honeydriver
Electric Trees - Honeydriver
Stardust Motel - Honeydriver
My Baby - Honeydriver
Few Dollar Bills - honeydriver
I will Always! - Honeydriver
Midnight Bambo - Honeydriver
Good bye my Love - Honeydriver
Bonjour - Honeydriver
Dats go By - Honeydriver
Lil Dreamer - Honeydriver

38 years old – Hip
Fly Lady- B Croskerry
Watching the apples grow – Stan Rogers
Folsom Prison Blues - JC
Bad moon a rising - CCR
Some Blues perhaps
Rodeo clowns – Jack Johnson
Tear up Your money – BCroskerry
Might be found tommorow – Donovan Frankenreiter
Cocaine Cowgirl – Matt mays
True Patriot Love – Joel Plaskett
Jealous Guy – John Lennon
Jam Jar- B Croskerry
The Night Pat Murphy died - Great Big Sea
Dirty old Town - Pogues
Mardy Bum – Artic Monkey