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» HoneyEyes - Review

Good times were had at the Albert last Friday! HoneyEyes took the stage and the show was nowhere close to lacking diversity! This six piece took me back, through the 70's, 80's and 90's! To top it all off, they covered "Hey, You" from Pink Floyd, which is a little controversial for many Floyd "Die Hards" considering the Female vocals, but they definitely did the song justice!

Their music is hard to compare, but it was a mix of retro-pop/old rock, and a unique sound to say the least. The singer reminded me of Bif Naked, without the raspiness in her voice, and a little less ink in the skin! All her notes were clean, on key, and her lyrics were well phrased. The band was tight, and they definitely had good composition and arrangement skills, incorporating Bass, Guitars, Drums, and Keys into the mix.

HoneyEyes had a professional approach to their act, giving out condoms with their stickers on them, networking with the crowd before and after their show, using sex appeal to get the crowd going, and having a great time on stage. The thing that caught my attention was the female drummer who kept the beat steadily on time, while the rest of the band added their dynamic landscapes.

I'll be watching for more HoneyEyes shows in the future, and recommend checking them out for your self before they hit the road for their Western Summer Tour! It's a show worth seeing!

PhunkyStylZ gives HoneyEyes 8/10

Date Reviewed: 05/16/05
Reviewed by: PhunkyStylZ

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Honeyeyes------- 5 song Demo

In studio currently- full lenght CD dec 2007



HONEYEYES completely breaks the traditional image line up of stereotypical band members. Starting with a sexy, young, talented, female drummer, “Dusty Cole”, in the typical male role, . It is balanced out with the guitarist “Chad Brown “whose mature talent stretches across most all genres of rock and ambient music. This is all connected together with the genius of "Ron" the bass player. If this isn’t enough, add the captivating stage presence of “Tracey Leclair “with her raunchy, strong and unique voice.
This musical combination guarantees you a band with a distinguished sound with remakes ranging from Blondie to Motorhead topped off mostly with the group’s original compositions.