The HoneyPots are a multi-genre all female band comprised of Monica McIntyre on the Cello and vocals, Margie Perez on Vocals and Lynn Drury on Guitar & vocals. The 3 part harmonies and very diverse musical & cultural backgrounds are only enhanced by a deep level of professionalism and love of music.


The Honeypots blend the strong vocals, lyrical sensibilities, and thoughtful musicality of Lynn Drury, Margie Perez, and Monica McIntyre. These three songwriters, talented musicians in their own right, have come together; creating unique spins on their original compositions as well as beloved covers. These songbirds love to sing and it shows in their sweet harmonies.

The Band formed in 2010 and have been arduously working to promote their unique stylistic blendings. Their respect for music and each other is evident when asked the question "What do you think you each bring to the group?"

Monica McIntyre (cello and vocals) had this to say about her bandmates:

"Lynn's guitar playing is incredibly unique and amazing. She has a strong sense for rootsy heavy rhythmic guitar licks that I haven't heard with anyone else. Her sense of timing (songwriting as well as playing) is round, not strict, it breathes and gives her music the feeling of holding your breath while staying in motion, like a baton thrower, you know it went up but they don't look stressed, they just catch it when it comes down...She also has such a strong ability for contrast ie: Butterfly/Down The Road; the first a light sweet love song tinged with slight angst, the latter a gritty, down-home roots/rock song ripe with practical metaphor from her Dad...Vocally, she's powerful: big, twangy, willing to gut-bust...

Margie is witty as all hell...she dares to write things I'm sometimes embarrassed to think quietly to myself. She gives the group a light don't take yourself so seriously balance, that between Lynn & I, we tend to need. Her brain/songwriting/personality seems to see the glass half-empty & half-full; so let's be clever about it.

I think my lyrics, voice and cello are often a complete surprise to anyone seeing us for the first few times. It's like they're not expecting such a big deep voice to come from someone with my frame, and the emotional quality I'm able to drum up can stop people in their tracks. Lyrically, I watch people see the words as I/we sing them, I find it's a nice surprise for them to contemplate the unique, positive perspective I bring to my songs/songwriting. And my cello playing is not traditional in a classical/jazz or contemporary setting...they don't know what's happening and the variety of styles/feels keeps our audience on their toes.

So who exactly are these 3 women with a strong stage presence, impressive lyrics and musical arrangements?

Singer/songwriter Lynn Drury is an undeniable talent and a passionate performer. Hailing from Mississippi, Drury combines twang from her country upbringing with the funkiness of her adopted home of New Orleans. Her compositions are as rich and full of visual imagery as life itself and seemingly transport all who listen to another time and place.

Margie Perez is a versatile, vivacious singer who in 2010 released Singing For My Supper on Threadhead Records and debuted in the Blues Tent at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Offbeat magazine called her “one of the hardest working musicians in New Orleans“.

Monica McIntyre is a passionate performer who wows audiences with her deep voice and unorthodox slapping, plucking and strumming cello technique. Blending the genres of jazz, blues, soul, reggae, and middle-eastern music, she creates her own musical landscape. Monica released her debut album Blusolaz in October 2003 and in August 2005 she released Bars of Gold, her first single.

As a collective The HoneyPots have achieved much in their short time together with the release of their first album "Something Sweet" in April 2012 through Threadhead Records. 2013 has been a good year so far as they received a much coveted spot on the stages of New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival as well as French Quarter Festival which boasts being the "Largest Free Music Festival in the South" attracting upwards of 500,000 people in one weekend.

The HoneyPots latest achievement has been winning the top spot for New Orleans band on a nation wide musical search through RawkZilla Magazine. This event was filmed and will be used as part of a reality show due to air this year concentrating on the search for talent all over the country.

The band looks forward to growing musically and bringing their sound to various parts of the country and the world. Look for them at your women's festivals, singer-songwriter events but the possibilities are endless for this unique collaboration of women.


The HoneyPots-Something Sweet, Released April 2012
under Threadhead Records.