Glasgow, Scotland, GBR

Honey are a Scottish blend of psychedelia with swirling guitars, ethereal vocals and walls of sound that sway somewhere between the visceral and whistleable, locking in Krautrock-esque rhythms with pop melodies.


One reviewer said:

The band describes themselves as a “psychedelic collective”, influenced by the shoegaze textures of My Bloody Valentine, the driving pop sound of The Velvet Underground and the unpredictable meandering of Love. Those past influences are definitely obvious, but Honey have their own unique way of creating dense, spiritual pop, weaving several guitars into a beautiful sonic mirage. Where others often end up relying on feedback to create alternative layers, Honey achieve a wonderfully lush sound. They’re definitely influenced by the shoegazers, but with twists of Brit-pop bands like Oasis, and Krautrockers Can and Tangerine Dream, the band fuse pop and progressive rock into an imposing, full-bodied wall of noise. It’s smooth and easy listening, but it achieves the objective of bringing fresh sounding pop music back from the brink of alternative extinction. http://www.einsteinmusicjournal.co.nz


Taste It And See - EP - June 2011
Nowhere Floating - Single - October 2011