Honey & the 45s

Honey & the 45s


Honey & the 45s is a Chicago-based, female fronted 5-piece band that combines elements of folk, blues, jazz, funk, and soul. Their powerful vocals, dynamite lyrics, and pocket grooves deliver a sometimes playful, sometimes somber, but always rockinÂ’ sound that will leave you swooning for more.


SIZZLE: REEL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xE1APQp-zrY

Honey & The 45s
Sultry Chicago-bluesy meets hard-hitting harmonic invasion. Honey & the 45s, a Chicago based five-piece band, tosses it up in the air and what lands is an eclectic collection of soulful surprises. Providing new sounds, provocative lyrics, and can't-stop-listening tunes, Honey combines elements of rock, blues, jazz, funk, americana and soul. With powerful vocals, pocket grooves and a sometimes playful, sometimes somber, but
always rockin' sound, Honey & the 45s will leave you swooning for more.

The band was formed in Chicago in October 2009 as a folk/acoustic trio 'Snow on Sunday' by core members Kristina Cottone, Kim Kozel and Chris Kusek. After a few lineup changes, Honey evolved into a full rock 'n' roll revue by adding bassist Sean Tatum, guitarist Jon Gould and drummer Jarad Kleinstein. Honey has been called "The Sound of Chicago", pulling from jazz and blues roots but delivering a new rock sound with a retro feel. The band has appeared at staple and historic venues throughout Chicago and St. Louis, as well as made many radio and podcast appearances to date. In April 2013, Honey took home the Championship at the battle of the bands "Battle For Catalano" in Milwaukee, WI - securing a slot at Summerfest 2013. A much anticipated EP is set to release in September 2013 with touring planned right around the corner. Recently, honey shot an appearance in a National
commercial which will be airing this fall. Honey & the 45s is excited about working on new music and bringing their sound to cities all over the US!


"The Need" Honey & The 45's (Sept 2012)