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Maylands, Western Australia, Australia | SELF

Maylands, Western Australia, Australia | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Drum (Streetpress) Review"

Reviewed under previous name The Darlings

" Resourceful composers, their songs have enough twists, pauses, tempo switches and sudden bursts of hand clapping to never be predictable.
"Employing a voice that captivates with a minimum of fuss, singer Angel Darling ... exude(s) a sassy mix of street toughs and vulnerability."
- Drum Media Perth

"Ex-Rolling Stone Reviewer (United Kingdom)"

Any band that cites Smashing Pumpkins and Grunge as an influence gets a mark from me. But when the members also share the same name as the band…Well that’s just the icing on the cake!

So it seems Australian trio Angel, Chris and Andy (Darling), are on to a winner with their two tracks “Best Thing” & “Beloved”. But with just two tracks to review, it’s hard to get a true ‘feel’ for the band itself and I’m sure these aren’t the finished article for all those involved in The Darlings.

“Best Thing” starts positively enough, thick sludgy guitars, metronymic percussion with lyrics coated in bile and soaked in vitriol. Vocalist Angel flits between snarl and melodious beauty, both of which seem to fits the style of the song. However, whilst the passion is there in the meaning, but it doesn’t quite come across in the actual recording. I suspect this song will sound a million times more aggressive and in-your- face in a live environment with a crowd to feed off. This then would truly show the fervour that the lyrics in this song deserves.

The sad fact of lazy journalism however, is that female-fronted rock bands constantly live in danger of being compared to ‘No Doubt’ if the singer is shows any degree of harmony and ability to hold a note, or if said female singer shows any degree of rawness and screams her vocals, they are instantly pigeon-holed in with ‘Hole’ or ’Distillers’.

Musical comparisons are easily and often made and in the case of The Darlings “Beloved” is where the Pumpkin in them comes out to play. The melody and key changes are instantly recognisable as Mr Corgan’s later incarnations (and yes I’m including the much-maligned `Zwan’ in that comparison). Lyrically I’m reminded of Alanis Morrisette, which is no bad thing, and a confident change in direction from “Best Thing”.

These are two songs that sit proudly in a Mid-Nineties American movie like Empire Records or Clerks. Grungy enough to be considered ‘Alt’, but with a healthy smattering of accessible Pop, to make them icing on more than just my cake.
- Tim Hoadley (UK)


Beloved/Best Thing Double-A-Side Single
Distributed via Firestarter to radio stations all over Western Australia.
(Released under former name The Darlings.)



After solidly gigging and working on their sound as The Darlings during the first half of 2011, as well as releasing 3 singles, the band led by engaging front-woman Angel Love Owens comes into their own as


True to their influences, this must-hear band brings a distinct sound evocative of nineties grunge, with a healthy dose of catchy hooks amongst the alternative rock.

With their debut album recorded and ready for release, Honeywheeler are a band intent on getting your attention and guaranteed to hold it.