Honey White

Honey White


Santa Barbara, CA-based Honey White makes epic, expansive rock music, mashing together arena power with punk economy and reggae bounce like only a garage band can.


Honey White began in 2002 when the brothers Bryn and Keir DuBois dissolved their Isla Vista indie-rock band The Mojo Wire and recruited guitarist Brian Wolff (a longtime friend) and drummer Bill Fedderson (transplanted from Oxnard via Colorado), forming a new group that clicked immediately.

Plowing their genre-bending grooves into the crowded local scene, Honey White released a five-song demo disc as well as three self-produced live albums in two years, and was soon praised by the Santa Barbara Independent as "some of the best music to come out of Isla Vista". The band continues to play in the Santa Barbara area, and is currently recording their first full-length album in San Francisco.


2002 "My Band Rocks!" debut EP
2003 "Live And Unprofessional" live CD
2003 "Epic Noise Now" live CD
2004 "Saturated Songs" live CD
2005 "2005 Demo" promo EP
2005 "How Far Is The Fall" full-length studio debut

Set List

Set lists usually contain most of the following songs. These days (2005) we play more of the psychedelic & stadium rock. Sets run from as short as half an hour to as long as 2 hours depending on time, the venue, or other acts on the bill.

Original Songs/Genres:
The Lightning Rod/stadium rock
Unprofessional/indie rock
Mercy Rule/reggae rock
Sweet Oblivion/psychedelic rock
Let Go/psychedelic rock
Keep Moving/psychedelic rock
Famous Last Words/psychedelic rock
Blacking Out/psychedelic rock
Island Fever/stadium rock
Windward Mark/surf rock
So Cold/rock

Dead Man Theme by Neil Young
Wayfaring Stranger (traditional)
Been Around The World by Cracker
Lover You Should've Come Over by Jeff Buckley