Greg Halpin

Greg Halpin

 MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN

Greg Halpin plays guitar and sings... Sometimes he dances a little when the mood is right.


Greg Halpin has played in a few bands.  Most notably Honheehonhee and Lakes of Canada (in which he still plays).  He also makes millions of dollars busking in the montreal metro and has been writing solo acoustic songs for a long time but has recently decided to start performing them on stage.  He is presently working on recording these songs with Howard Bilerman.  Some fruits of this labour should be available in the spring of 2015.  Greg loves connecting to people by singing and dancing and playing guitar.


Notes From a Bedroom (spring 2015)

Set List

Sets are anything up to two hours.  I can play originals and/or covers.  I prefer to play originals.


Wherever You Might Be

Talkin' I've Never 'Bin To  Hong Kong

We'll Hide in a Foreign Place

One Last Love Song

The Warmest Place I've ever 'Bin

Woman Of New York

Babe I Don't Know

Come With Me

Oh Yeah!

You're So Great

I Can See It Now

Humanamuhna Heya

Let Me Run To You