We are a hard rock band from Penticton who have been ripping it up for 10 years now. Love playing live shows and are currently in the process of writing new music!


We are Honio, and we are from Penticton. We are fun lovin 20 somethings with fire in our eyes and vinigar in our piss. The accomplishment of destroying eardrums is our first goal, second goal being having fun while we destroy the eardrums.
We have a unique musical style that we are proud of and find enjoyment in discovering new ways to express it.


Self Titled Album Released 2003 Recorde by Travis Saunders(Stutterfly, Secret and Whisper)

Set List

We have 4 new songs that we play called:
-Dull Dry October
-Sleep With Me

As well as a few songs off our self titled album:
-Boulder Suit
About 45 minutes total