Hon.Negus Najah
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Hon.Negus Najah


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Hon. N.Najah has two albums first album was released in Nederland under the Runn Records Lable. Entitled " Blessed " in 2005 , with hit tracks ; "Who them tryn to fool", "Blessed" and "Who tell them" wich the video for this track was shot in Jamaica. Mystic time is the name of Najah's second album released in 2011 by; Najah himself under Royal Family Records in St.Maarten . The hits are many on this nineteen track album . Just to name a few ; Ethiopia , Mystic time ,F aithfully yours, Free your mind featuring Jah-Mason and much more .



Hon.Negus Najah, one of those rare, highly regarded reggae artist of the millennium soon to make a big footprint in the world of roots reggae music. Gifted with songs of inspiration and upliftment, he sings and d j {chant} with a strong voice and always brings something new and creative to the ears. Mystic Time is the name of his latest album with many hit single’s like, “Ethiopia”, “Mystic time”, “No war” and also “Free your mind” featuring the internationally known reggae artist Jah Mason from Jamaica . Najah’s first album entitled “Blessed” was recorded at the Runn Records in Maastricht, Nederland . Najah has done many live performances in Holland{Nederland} including Belgium, his music is always appreciated where ever he sings with his unique style .Born in St.Maarten on October 1980 Gianni L. Mc.Dowall grown into all kinds of genre of music, Hip Hop music was his favorite in teenage years until Reggae Roots and conscious Dancehall took its place in the later years .His inspiration comes from within he says ,first once I hear a melody and then that melody tells me what lyrics to write and so on. Today Najah with his ruff and yet smooth voice is still making big sparks with his Royal band on stage making his musical message known around the world with his new album Mystic time.