Siblings James and April Combs (former of the acclaimed 90’s band Arson Garden) return to the stage as HONNEYCOMBS. Laurie Burnham joins in to create their distinctive sound: evocative songwriting, compelling harmonies, and an intoxicating live show that leaves audiences surprised and delighted.


Siblings April Combs and James Combs (formerly of the band Arson Garden) are the creative songwriters behind the striking new band Honneycombs (two n’s). Collaborating with Laurie Burnham (formerly of Second Sister), they pour elaborate and imaginative harmonies into each song, creating a landscape that they describe as "The Mountain Meets the Third Eye".

The band establishes its style on “Rite Of Spring”, the first track of their self-titled debut album. The song starts as a country stomp, then suddenly careens into dreamy Beach-Boys-world, makes a stop in New Orleans, and ends in a Syd-Barrett-era Pink Floyd psychedelic harmony dream, complete with backwards guitar. The band goes on to explore a range of rock and folk terrain - from the reverb-drenched lonely folk meditations of “Fleeting” and “Little Moon”, to the cracked bluesy Dylan-ish “The Truth And Mrs. Anthony”, to the Who-inspired “When The Going Gets Sad”, to the 30’s-flavored romp “Live A Little”.
In the fall of 2009, Honneycombs signed to Elgin Park Recordings, the boutique label of producer/composer Michael Andrews. Mike is best known for his production work with Inara George, Metric, and Gary Jules, as well as his singular soundtracks for great indie films like “Me and You and Everyone We Know” and “Donnie Darko” (he’s the man behind that ubiquitous cover of Tears For Fears’ “Mad World.”)

Honneycombs’ music has been getting airplay on domestic radio stations (including highly influential radio station KCRW in Santa Monica, CA) and was featured in the pilot of the new hit TV show “Men Of A Certain Age”, starring Ray Romano.

James and April’s ex-band Arson Garden was considered one of the best and brightest midwestern alt-art-rock bands of the 90’s - championed by British DJ John Peel (who invited them to do a Peel Session for his BBC1 radio show). The band went on to play the Lollapalooza festival, had their videos aired on MTV’s 120 Minutes, and were called by the Chicago Reader “perhaps the only art-rock band in America that matters.”
James’ solo material has been featured in high profile TV shows such as True Blood, Six Feet Under, Entourage, Men in Trees, Gossip Girl and many others.

Produced by John Would (Fiona Apple, Lucinda Williams) and James Combs, the HONNEYCOMBS debut collection is a deep, rich, wild ride - keeping the focus on harmony every step of the way.



Written By: April Combs, Honneycombs


It's fleeting
it's over and done
but it's all just begun

and you're breathing
you let go of that breath
and it's someone else's next
every word from your mouth
is just over and out

it's fleeting
the very scent of your soul
makes me feel whole
but those kisses from your lips
disappear too quick

Am I dreaming?
There's the news of the day
But I keep it away
There's something better to make
I can create with the time that is mine
So sublime

'Cause it's fleeting
I take this breath
but it's someone else's next
TIme marches on to the end of this song
Every word that I've said
It's alive, now it's dead

Is there meaning?
Who'll be the judge or the clown
Am i lost or profound?
was that moment of regret
time well spent?

'Cause I'm breathing
what i do in this breath
effects someone else's next

It's so fleeting
it's over and done
but it's all just begun

it's over
it's begun


Honneycombs, Elgin Park Records, 2010

James’ tracks have appeared in a number of films and television shows, including HBO's "True Blood", "Entourage" and "Six Feet Under", Showtime's "Dexter", ABC's "Men In Trees" and in the Nanette Burstein documentary "American Teen" (Paramount Pictures.).

Previously, James and April in
Under Towers, Community 3 Records, 1989

Wisteria, Vertebrae Records, 1992

Impossible Space EP, Vertebrae Records, 1993

The Belle Stomp, American Empire Records, 1994

Set List

Sets are 45-1 hour long. We can play longer, of course. Covers to add would be Big Star's Thirteen or Nightime.

Rite of Spring
Truth and Mrs. Anthony
Victor Hugo
Salty Bite
Little Moon
Earthly Delights
Far Afield
Talk to Myself
When the Going Gets Sad
Big Magoo
Live a Little