Kristiansand, Vest-Agder, NOR

Furious norwegian teens playing stadium format rock punk with a cellist front, spewing sharp and to-the-point verbal assault on adult's world order with their double standards, cowardly state leaders, the deception and lies of the rich and powerful.


Just over a year after their first public appearance they won the norwegian broadcasting company’s annual upncoming band competition Årets Urørt. Now, after legendary shows at by:Larm 2011, a month’s release tour for their album, and some and twenty festival shows in Norway and Denmark this summer, Honningbarna’s success has escalated far beyond anyone’s expectations. Masses have towered up everywhere they’ve played, and response has been overwhelming. This spring they were the talk of the nation. Now everyone in the country knows who these five 19 year olds are, what they stand for, and that they deliver one of the most killing live shows in the country.

This fall Honningbarna are directing their gaze outside of Norway’s borders, including live appearances in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands and Iceland. Their debut album was in GSA and Benelux november 11th.

Honningbarna won the norwegian “grammy” Spellemannsprisen in the category rock in 2012, and was also nominated as Newcomer Of The Year.


Honningbarna EP, oct 11th 2010
La Alarmane Gå (album), mar 18th 2011

Available on major digital providers in selected regions (please get in touch if they're missing in your region)

The band also issues bootleg versions of new songs monthly, distributed through normal digital retail.

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