Honor Flow Productions

Honor Flow Productions

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopSoul

Not mainstream or underground... just a dope sound.


Honor Flow Productions is a Los Angeles, California homegrown musical collective focused on developing and presenting the absolute apex of a "human" experience by gravitating the mind, body, and soul through musical ventures. Since its founding in September 2003, H.F.P. has blossomed this experience into multiple fields such as the independent release of original music projects, Media Production, and a Professional Mobile DJ Service that has served Southern California residences and businesses for over a decade. H.F.P. prides itself in breaking the traditional boundaries of contemporary music; performing at historic venues such as The Troubadour, The El Rey Theater, The Roxy Theater, Nokia Theater, House Of Blues Sunset, Avalon|Bardot Hollywood, The Echoplex, and monthly residencies at Custom Hotel and Salvage LA. From the DJ decks to the Production board, H.F.P.'s musical passion breeds beauty for your ears, food for your soul, and exercise for your feet; daring their listening audience to "Live Loud... Dream Fearless" within the heartbeat of the drum beat.

Honor Flow Productions is...
DJ Chuck "thE oLd SouL" | DJisLORD | ELIMN8


@ The Speed Of Light

Written By: C.Nunley IV,P.Parker

Verse 1 (Chuck): 

Whatcha know about rolling 95 from a, city to city?

Half full of tank of gas, $1.50?

Whatcha know about taking opportunities that’s, outta ya norm?

While staying on what you’re striving for?

Whatcha know about being in the middle of a, history?

With his girl legacy next to me?

Whatcha know about losing everything that’s a, close to you?

Including once down homies in your crew?

Whatcha know about moving backstage through a, smoke and liquor?

Backpack full of CDs, bumper stickers.

Whatcha know about building mic stands with just a broom stick?

Scotch tape everywhere did the trick.

Whatcha know about time moving fast and you, question your age?

With Facebook engagement page?

This is my life, ride around, unicycle sounds and sights.

Tryna take it all in @ The Speed of Light.


Father Time tryna push me like… Go! Go!

My dreams trying push me like.. Go! Go!

A race against time, tryna do what’s right.

Tryna take it all in @ The Speed of Light.

My fam tryna push me like.. Go! Go!

The world tryna push me back… Oh No!

A race against time, tryna get a piece of mind.

Tryna take it all in @ The Speed of Light.

Verse 2: (ELIMN8)

Whatcha know about being born deaf? You can't hear nothin. 

Gettin tapped on the shoulder, oh did you say somethin? 

Very long sessions in speech therapy.

Green Eggs and Ham made me a real emcee. 

Whatcha know about havin deadly technique?

A whole lot of nothin cause yours is so weak! 

Got it! In every single thing that I do. 

You can't be like me when you're being like you. 

Whatcha know about going to college? 

I met my best friends, acquiring knowledge.

Now I got your ears arrested held hostage. 

With my energy caution high voltage. 

Whatcha know about counting your blessings?

Struggling while learning life lessons? 

All while battling depression? 

Gather 'round class is in session!


Verse 3:


A year ago, Pops said I didn’t work enough.

A year later Pops says I work too much.

Gone is the weekend, only the next day.

I guess for forever, this’ the price paid.

I’m tryna find a balance while I reach another level.

You can fly with the angels, or dance with the devil.

It’s showtime, in top Forum, rapping my ass off.

LA King, Left Wing, 3 goals, hats off!


The beast AKA the police. 

Disrupting peace killing Black men in the streets. 

This ends today, chokeholds can't breathe. 

Body cameras and you still don't believe! 

Whatcha know about what I deal with day to day? 

Prejudice and the fucked up things people say? 

A glass ceiling and barricades in my way. 

Going @ The Speed of Light, I got Something to say…

(Hook) (x2)

This That Jam

Written By: C.Nunley IV,P.Parker

Verse 1 (Chuck):

This that cooling at the spotlight, system up.

“What’s he playing over there? Let me listen up.”

Aye, a sweet serenade coming through to my ear lobe.

Had this feeling since 13 years old.

A jonz in my bonz and a high of nirvana.

Still feel it every time I step in my Honda.

I’m telling ya, freedom in its ultimate form.

Like I’m back at The Mount and recording in dorms.

Every note is a page that’s save through my yearbook.

Time travel feelings with every single ear hook.

“Remember that time?” to the girl you kissed?

Crazy how sounds can assist in reminisce.

And it brings, a real big smile to my face.

Every time the claps interact with the bass. 

With my hands raised up like “I’ll be damn.”

“Go on and turn that shit up homie, this that jam.”


This that shit! Make ya bounce around.

Make ya dance around, make ya lounge around.

Now don’t stop, come on! (x4)

This That Jam! Make ya bounce around.

Make ya dance around, make ya lounge around.

Now don’t stop, come on! (x4)

Verse 2 (ELIMN8):

You now rockin with Honor Flow. 

If you had a bad day just let it go. 

And bring the good vibes and have a good time. 

We're the ultimate so the parties live. 

B-boys and girls party people let's boggie. 

Dance to the beat and I'll emcee. You can groove all night.

No one's trippin' so don't start no fights. 

No lines or two drink minimums, just cool people out for fun. 
Chill all night until you see the sun. 

You ain't got know work you don't gotta run.

The ladies look good pick up your jaw.

The fellas got money get off the wall. 

Just another weekend in The Golden State. 

DJisLORD, “thE oLd SouL,” and ELIMN8 sayin’…


Bridge (Luna, Chuck, and ELIMN8):

This jam is automatic.

Supersonic, soul for you.

This that freak of nature.

Lights off, fun for ya.

This is that universal, funkdafied jam for ya.

For those who like to party.

Free your soul, roll with us.


(Bridge) (x2)

The Life (feat. Luna)

Written By: C.Nunley IV,P.Parker,A.Vizoso

Verse 1 (ELIMN8):

I woke up this morning, “Damn this is the life.” 

I get to make Hip-Hop and do the things I like. 

Startin' off the day right, I'm playin' Street Fighter.

Smokin’ my greens not searchin for a lighter. 

After half an hour, I'm takin' a shower. 

I think I'll go to Roscoes not the one on Gower.

I live in Inglewood, that one's in Hollywood. 

But I got options man and that's always good. 

Chicken and waffles is what I had to eat. 

Got a text, “thE oLd SouL” made a beat. 

In the lab daily we're Honor Flow Productions.

So feet don't fail me, God please no obstructions.

Got to the spot and made hits that rock. 

Just another day doing Hip Hop. 

We had just finished rappin' and guess what happened? 

DJisLORD came in cuttin’ and scratchin’… BOOM!

Hook (Luna):

Every time, every day, when I wake up, this is my life. Yeah!
Every time, every day, when I wake up, this is my life. Yeah!
When I wake up in the morning time…
This is the stories, of my life.

La, La, La, La, Life (x 4)

Verse 2 (Chuck):

Woke up in the morning at the crack of dawn.

Got fresh and clean with the radio on.

Grubbed on a plate of the some bomb Soul Food.

After Peach Cobbler, I almost didn’t move.

Took a quick nap then I made some beats.

Text ELIMN8, “Man, we got some heat.”
I’ll meet you at the spot at 10 ‘o clock."

But first I gotta go to my record shop.

Took a trip down Sunset to Amoeba.

A few words with a clerk name Shelia.

Then to Downtown with my sister dodging potholes.

Watch the Lakers get the W and the tacos.

Then the end day with the crew just chillin’.
California love is a real life feeling.

Fly conversation with my lady friend.

Same plan tomorrow gonna do it again. 

It’s The Life…

Bridge (Luna):

Every time, every day, this is my life. 
I can feel it. Yeah!
Every time, every day, this is my life.


My life is like, a journey through this train, I say.

It’s just gonna be that way.

Tell me your stories. (x4)

Lose Control (feat. Dust & Chrome & Tricia Isabela)

Written By: C. Nunley IV,P.Parker,W.Nedrow

Verse 1 (Chuck):

Electric euphoria, pleasant view paradise.

Illumination for the dreamers at that’s up at night.

The fire in your gut, the gleam in your eyes.

It’s written the stars, you feel so alive.

You slowly take a step, you sorta lose your breath.

This’ when you know that you’re at your best.
You come out your body, you come out your soul.

And this is the moment your finally let go.

Your hands in the air, your start to stomp your feet.

Your doubt start to leave, your faith starts to leap.

You’re speaking in tongues, your heart starts to rise.

You’re not satisfied with how to get by.

You want something more, you open that door.

The trill is a feeling that your can’t ignore.

It’s heaven on earth, and that’s when you know.

This’ freedom and you lose control!

Hook (Tricia):

We make it live when you want it.

We make you scream when you need it.

We take it high and you love it.

Got the sound to Lose Control.

We have that vibe when you want it.

We make you dance when you need it.

We take it high and you love it.

Got the sound to Lose Control.

Verse 2 (ELIMN8):

Feelin’ something deep down in my soul.

Taken by the rhythm, I'm about to lose control. 

It's the bass, the snare. 

The scent of marijuana in the air, hands wavin’, that don't care. 
And just like, that I'm not Paul Parker. 

My transformation takes the form of a monster.

Without the green skin but I do get stronger. 

My stamina increases, I last longer. 

Plus I'm driven with purpose and guided by Christ. 

Don't need anyone what I have'll suffice. 

Plus I'm cold as ice and i'm nice with the mic.

And if you get in my face yo, I won't think twice to, remove ya. 
So praise God, hallelujah.

Since V.I.S.I.O.N.S., Center Stage, in ya face like “Boo’ya!" 

It's ELIMN8, the one and only.

The Real McCoy, accept no phonies.


Verse 3:


My heart’s on my sleeve, what’s a poker face?

The journey is a process that I learned to embrace.

I give a fuck less, that’s currency of wealth.

I had to lose myself to re-find myself.


Okay, great at everything I do. 

Figure I'd let you know. 

Had you suckaz hooked since the clicks on the metronome. 

From a band to a trio and still wonderful.

On this B.L.A.C.K. Odyssey like “Yeah here we go!”


“Ahhhhh way they go!” Off to the races.

Many hurdles, gotta double tie my laces.


Zero to sixty, in a full sprint. 

To higher velocities for fulfillment.


It’s power in poetry, EQ in ecstasy.

Money fades away but forever is the legacy.


So no second guessin’…


And embrace your blessings.

(Chuck and ELIMN8)
Lose Control, everybody has a message.

(Hook x2)

Bridge (Tricia):

When you need it. When you need it.

Make me lose my mind, my heart and soul.

I’m about to let it go.

When you need it. When you need it.

Let me free mind, the fears I hold.

I’m about to let it go.


V.I.S.I.O.N.S: (Release Date: 8.4.11)
Boombox Sketches: (Release Date: 4.4.15)